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Dec 18, 2007 07:41 AM

Royal Lane/Harry Hines Korean Restaurants - Dallas

Stuck in traffic last night I decided to make a detour through the industrial buildings along Harry Hines to get to Royal Lane. I passed by several places that maybe someone here could comment on. A whole slew of places have popped up within the past 1-2 years west of 35 on Royal and the only one I have tried was You Chun. The ones I am inquiring about are the following:

West of 35 alogn Royal Ln
Wine Chicken (Sounds tempting)
Han Mi Ri
Dal Dong Nae Chicken & Hof Restaurant
Yoon Joon Chicken House
Seo La Bul Garden

Along Royal Lane East of 35 or Harry Hines
Keanari (this place is hidden I was looking for an import toy store when I found this place and it was packed)
Chosun Kalbi - read a review in Guidelive that made me want to go....but have not seen much chatter on this place
Chung Woon

I am sure there are more but this will give the hounds a new quest!!

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      I googled one of the restaurants above and found that there are some great posts on Yelp of some of the above restaurants. Since I have limited experience with Korean food. What do you suggest at Seoul Garden? I drove by it last night and it was closed (around 6 pm). So do you know the hours also?

      1. re: soulslinger

        2502 Royal Lane
        Dallas, TX 75229
        Phone: 972-484-6090

        Mon-Sat 11 am-11 pm
        Sun 5-11 pm

        Reeder Road

        The bulgogi is really good and I love their side dishes that they serve with the rice. You can either sit at a table with the open grill to cook your own meat, or order it cooked. The korean spare ribs are also good if you don't mind handling your food. Those are my favorites and what I usually order. But they do have an extensive menu.

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          Searching for Seoul Garden would also turn up lots of hits, it's commonly suggested here as a great place to go for their bulgogi, and it's also pretty interesting to cook your own meat on the table grill.

    2. Hi Soulslinger, I'm suggesting these because you seem to be in Carrollton quite often. As an alternative to Korea-town at IH35 and Harry Hines, there are new Korean places popping up in Carrollton. First is KalBee House on Hebron Pkwy just west of SH 121, that does table top Korean BBQ. I did a full review of this place a couple of months ago, impressive stuff:

      There's also a new Korean placed called Blue House at George Bush Turnpike and Old Denton (southeast corner). I haven't tried this place yet, maybe you can explore for us?

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        I have seen KalBee House and will have to try it out. My wife is a bit leary of Korean food since our first try was fair at You Chun next to Ko-Mart on Royal. I believe we had the bulgogi but I suppose since I didn't see many customers or any table top grill this wasn't the place to go for that dish. I did enjoy the kimchi steamed dumplings though at You Chun. I read your review of KalBee so I will have to try it out. I will see if I can drag her to Blue House first though to get a review on it. I am in Carrollton quite often b/c I live in Lewisville and have been to all I can in Lewisville and Denton isn't much better....only two places in Denton left to try Smokehouse BBQ (off of Ft Worth Ave) and Rasoi Indian Food (inside a gas station off Eagle & Ave C) it was critic's choice for Indian in FW Weekly. Do you and fellow CH's ever meet up for Korean? if so let me know when you all have a meet up. My wife and I would like to join ya'll!

      2. Did you also see that big grocery store, Ko-mart? They've got a dining area inside the grocery serving up Korean food, pretty good if you want a cheap quick lunch.

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          I have eaten at Ko-Mart before. It was at the one in Irving and I got the same thing every time. I don't remember what it was b/c it has been a few years since the "big store" was open in Irving (it was at the current Mi Rancho Supermercado on Belt Line). I do remember them having quick and cheap lunches.

        2. Soulslinger - On your list, Unfortunately, Very Well Wine Chicken is no longer is business. Yoon Joon is now called Chicken Plus 1 and specializes in just Korean fried chicken. Some Chowhounds met up recently to try them, but I think most people felt their sauce was too thick and sweet. More info on Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) here:

          I think the main attraction to Seoul Garden is that they are one of the few places, if not only place, to use real charcoal for the BBQ. Not sure if you're into raw beef, but if you are, they also have an amazing sliced raw beef dish served over julienned asian pears that is unlike anything I've had anywhere else. It's served ice cold, so probably better as a summer dish.

          Also, Soulslinger, since you seem to have an adventurous palate, you might want to join DFWHoundGathering in Google Groups. It's a good way to meet up with others that have similar tastes and also discuss topics that chowhound tends to "remove".

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            Thanks...have joined the group and bookmarked the "other" dallas posting site. Thank alot for the tips and look forwrad to seeing some of the fellow CH's one day!

          2. I've been to Korea House (on the corner of Royal/Harry Hines) and Chosun Kalbi - which is about 50 yards west of there but a little hard to find. Chosun Kalbi is worth the effort to find .. it's not visible from Royal until you go through that unmarked opening about halfway down the strip center.