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Dec 18, 2007 07:34 AM

How can I doctor up a red velvet cake mix to taste homemade?

I was just wondering if there were any suggestions on how to make this cake taste like I made it from scratch.

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  1. Make your own homemade cream cheese frosting. That's the best part! Sometimes, people add choco chips to the mix. You could do that...

    1. I have a friend that makes a great red velvet cake, but the reason it is so good is that the frosting is cooked. I have the recipe somewhere if you want me to look it up.

      1. addressing the boxed mix itself which can have a stale flavor, try adding some (1/2 C)finely ground nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts) to the dry ingredients. The flavor will be barely noticable but the freshness and texture adds a lot to a boxed mix.

        1. I definitely agree with danhole, the cooked frosting will make all the difference. This is the link to a recipe I posted a while back that has the recipe for the cooked frosting. This frosting works for me every time. It comes out fluffy and flavorful.


          I hope someday you'll try the cake from scratch!