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Jul 27, 2000 02:25 PM

Thai cooking classes

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Does anyone know of a good evening Thai cooking class on the westside - I can't find one anywhere? Thanks, Sara

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  1. This is not on the West side, but Pasadena City College's community evening classes almost always offer a Thai class taught by Yupa Holzner. You might also check Santa Monica City College to see if they have anything similar.

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      I will obey the adage, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all," here; as I was extremely dissatisfied with the class I took from Yupa and I have not one nice word to relate about her or her class.

      I suggest that Sara purchase an excellent Thai cookbook such as, “The Elegant Taste of Thailand: Cha Am Cuisine” by Sisamon Kongpan and try her hand at some very authentic recipes. I cherish this cookbook; each recipe is shown in a full page, color photo. If I had to, I wouldn’t mind tossing all those other Thai cookbooks I’ve collected over the years as long as I could keep this one, it is essential (I know it is available at Amazon, so use as your portal!).

      Also, I quickly checked Sur La Table’s website and found this listing for a Thai class in September at the Santa Monica store:

      Tuesday, September 19 6:30 pm
      The Big Four Seasoning with Su-Mei Yu
      Authentic and traditional Thai cooking. Su-Mei Yu, born and raised in Thailand, is the chef and owner of the award winning Saffron Restaurant in San Diego. The big four seasonings, which are salt, garlic, cilantro root and Thai peppercorns, are employed to flavor the complex dishes of Thai cooking. Using recipes from her new book Cracking the Coconut, Su-Mei will demonstrate how to use chili paste, coconut milk and cream, and spice mixtures to prepare exquisite Thai dishes.
      Crispy Rice Crackers with Coconut,
      Shrimp and Pork Dipping Sauce
      Three Kings' Soup
      Southern Thai-Style Catfish
      Water Chestnut Salad
      Rice with Coconut Cream
      Su-Mei Yu signs her new book, Cracking the Coconut in our stores:
      Thousand Oaks
      Saturday, August 12 2:00-3:00 pm
      Saturday, September 16 2:00-3:00 pm

      Maybe I’ll go!



      1. re: Sarah

        Looking for a basic beginner cooking class for everyday food, not Thai in Los Angeles