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Dec 18, 2007 07:01 AM

stanton social. thoughts?

a lot of my friends have been talking about stanton social lately. what is the deal? is it really that good?

better question.. is it worth BUYING a ressie for it?

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  1. It depends...are you wanting to dine there very soon or can you wait? Reason being, I would buy a ressie for Babbo, not a ressie for SS UNLESS you need one asap. The food is good, but I never knew it was such a "hot ticket" restaurant.

    1. Absolutely no way would I buy a reservation for SS. It's good, but not that amazing that you need to pay extra for it.

      1. NO. The upstairs lounge is nice and the drinks are good, but the food is really nothing special. I was very underwhelmed when I went for dinner. I later had drinks upstairs and ordered some food and was even more underwhlemed. It is a fine place to get a drink if you are in the neighborhood, but nothing else.

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          Completely agreed. SS aspires to be more than it is but in the long run SS is a primarily a lounge that happens to serve food.

        2. Pay extra to eat when you're paying extra anyway? For the GLAMOUR! and the BUZZ! Good lord, no. Some of the food is good, some of it is less than good, and most of it is grievously overpriced. Is it that hard to get a reservation? I've just walked in a few times with no problem.

          1. Buy a reservation? What? No!

            If you're DYING to try it, just call and opt for a later time.

            We called just before the ballet one night and got a 10:45 reservation without any problems ON A FRIDAY.

            Don't get me wrong, I loved the food, and I actually found the space to be fun, albeit a bit crowded. But I find the idea of paying for a reservation to be somewhat preposterous.