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Dec 18, 2007 06:54 AM

Good food and nightlife near boulevard St-Laurent?

Hi everyone. I am going to be visiting Montreal around Christmas time with my girlfriend for 5 nights in a hotel near boulevard St-Laurent. I was looking for some ideas for cozy restaurants with good food in the area. Also, any ideas for bars/fun nightlife? We are both in our early twenties. Thanks so much!

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  1. St Laurent is a very long North-South (almost) type street. If you can perhaps tell us the cross street we might come up with better suggestions.

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    1. You could start at Reservoir--good house beer, good menu. Nearby (Duluth and St. Laurent) is Blizzarts, small upbeat place with younger local crowd, live DJ, usually hip hop/house/dubreggae depending on the night, and they have St Ambroise on tap :) Get there just before 11 and you'll get a booth or a stool, and it'll fill up by midnight.

      If you want less of a party scene, but still good beer and prices, try Casa del Popolo, further up on St Laurent. Check ahead if there's a band that night as it take over the place. Across the street is Sala Rossa too, 2nd floor has decent tapas/wine, 3rd floor has live bands.

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        yes, if you are lucky, you may be in on a saturday night when "the Goods" is happening at Sala Rossa. You could eat on the second floor, then go up for the party on the third floor. Great DJ's, great scene. But it doesn't really start going until about 12:30 pm. And it only happens once a month.

      2. Food in that area :

        near sherbrooke
        - La Porte
        - Pinxto ( off on a side street between st-laurent and st-denis)

        a little further up on st-laurent (in no geographical order or preferences)

        Meat Market
        BU (Wine Bar)
        Bouchonné (wine bar)
        Reservoir (for excellent brunches)

        For nightlife : Too many on St-Laurent between sherbrooke and Pine St.), and down the hill from Sherbrooke, there's the SAT where, depending on the night, they have great nights ( probably the place to be on the 31st)

        Casa del Popolo and Sala Rossa are more "hippie" if I may say so than the rest of the nightlife on St-Laurent.

        Societe Des Arts Technologiques (SAT)

        1. Without wanting to pry, if by St-Laurent and Sherbrooke you mean that you will be staying at Hotel Godin I suspect that Blizzarts or Sala Rossa, as fun as they are, may not be your style.
          The beautiful people tend to hang out just up the street at the various restaurants that become de facto bars late at night. As restaurants they generally cater to the expense account crowd who aren't picky about their food so long as it is served by barely-dressed aspiring models, and tables of the kind of women that crowd attracts; as bars they can be great fun.

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            The Hotel Godin is no longer - it is now Opus, and it has a liquor permit.

          2. There is a great place called Tay Do a little bit east of St. Laurent on Duluth. The prices are amazing, and its bring your own wine so you budget is free there also. If you are feeling like heading over to St. Denis, L'Academie is pretty good, and there are tons of other places in the St. Denis/Duluth area. Enjoy.