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Jul 26, 2000 08:02 PM

Eurochow - Who knew?

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My parents were visiting from out of town this past weekend, and I was at a loss as to where to take them to get a "LA Dining Experience." Well, I decided to give Eurochow a shot, despite hearing negative views from a former aquaintance.

Made reservations for 4 a week in advance for a Friday at 8pm - no problem. I gotta tell you - it was terrific. We were promptly greeted without attitude and seated at a great booth . It an amazing room - several rooms, really. And the server approached us with a genuine smile and was extremely helpful, despite half our party looking like The Out-Of-Towners. Started with wonton soup and fantastic glazed prawns - prepared sweet and succulent! My mom had the pork chop - it must have been 2 inches thick, and she said it was perfectly cooked and delicious. Dad had the lobster linguini with huge chunks of fresh lobster tail and no heavy sauce. And I had the best Chilean Seabass I've ever tasted - and I eat alot of fish (lacto-ovo-pesco vege).
The food was divine, the service prompt but never rushed. All in all, and excellent experience! Anyone else eat there lately?

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  1. Granted, it has been almost a year since I went in, but I thought Eurochow to be a disapointment.

    Were it not for the excellent dining company I was in, I would have sure committed a violent crime against our inept (and obviously underpaid) server.

    We went in on a Friday night with no reservation and were seated within 20-30 minutes at a decent table. I know the decor shouldn't make the meal, but the room can only be described as an offense on the senses... harsh, unflattering lighting, stupid ornaments obviously painted by a three yeard-old... but enough about how patheic the attempt to be "hip" was...

    after a round of pathetic drinks, our food finnally arrived- drab, damp, and over-salted. One of my companions REALLY enjoyed the meal, whereas I spent most of my time wondering where everyone else in the room WAS.

    about 6 months ago I was there for a movie-premiere after-party, and again, found the staff unable to do anything right, except spilling on guests (twice) and standing in small clumps by the kitchen, trays still in hand. the food was... okay, but who can REALLY mess up finger foon and nibly things? at least the drinks were free (via the studio).

    go, if you must... parking in westwood is a nightmare (and we won't comment on the valet since it has nothing to do with the food either, but know it was lamentable at best).

    sorry if i sound so rude, but i cannot understand why people rave about this pathetic place.

    happy eating!