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Where can I find Langostinos?

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My grandmother-in-law uses them in a Christmas Eve seafood cassarole and can't seem to find them this year. I tried Shaws and the Super 88 in South Bay. Any hints?

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  1. I tend to find them this time of year at Johnny's Foodmaster and also have bought them at the Allston Shaws, but the quality is not all that great (add nice body to sauces/soups, but wouldn't serve them alone as an appetizer. I think you would be best off asking a fishmonger to order them (frozen) from a wholesaler. Stavis definitely imports them... When you do get them, write back with a review.

    1. I think that I saw some in the fish counter at the River Street Whole Foods a few weeks ago, but it's not a regular item. You might call to see if they can get some.

      1. Being Mediteranean you may want to try New Deal or Courthouse.or Mardens.

        1. I'd try the Somerville Market Basket: call first, because it's such a zoo in there that you don't want to make the trip if you're going to be disappointed. But they're well-stocked on frozen seafood, and I think you'll find what you want.

          1. My stock answer: Savenors. If you call and order them, they'll get you the best available within a day or two.

            1. Here's a Scottish langostino supplier based in New Jersey:


              afternote - I've just realized they only ship 9 pound lots... have a Big party?

              1. i would try star market or stop+shop frozen fish sections

                btw add them to any basic corn chowder recipe yummo

                1. We used to get them, at least sporadically, in the frozen fish section at the Allston Shaw's. However, I don't think I've seen them there in about two years.

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                    i have tried all the local places mentioned. none have it. has anyone actually seen these guys for sale anywhere in eastern MA?

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                      When I lived in Gloucester (been awhile now), they were always in the frozen section at Shaws.

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                        I *used* to buy langostinos at Shaw's, but I haven't seen them at any Shaw's in at least two years.