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Jul 26, 2000 02:47 PM

Cold Cucumber Soup in LA

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Okay, so it is just too hot here in Los Angeles.
The best cure I have always found is a nice bowl of cold cucumber soup with a sprig of mint.
Any suggestions? West Hollywood, Fairfax, Century City?

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  1. Well, believe it or not, Sunset Magazine's Favorite
    Recipe Cookbook has a great cold cucumber soup.
    Easy to make. Sorry, don't know any restaurant at this time. Generally, a restaurant serving soup would make it as a 'soup of the day'....probably not a regular item.

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      this is an older thread by now so I don't know just how irrelevant this message is now-- but does anyone else remember Urban Epicuria's cold cucumber soup? It was terrific. As were several other things about Urban Epicuria. But that's another story, one I'd be pleased to join--

      1. re: Deborah
        Susan Fox-Davis

        OK so this is an old thread, but I'm a new person.

        Make your own!


        2 Tbsp Soy sauce
        3 Tbsp Vinegar
        1 Tbsp Sugar

        add to:

        2 Cucumbers, chopped into bite-size matchsticks
        1/2 stalk Green onion, chopped
        1 clove Garlic, crushed

        Add 4 cups cold water, and voila! Serve in cold cups with an ice cube.

        Optional add-ins:

        chili powder [go easy!]
        roasted sesame seeds or sesame oil
        shredded seaweed [extra good for hot days!]