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Dec 18, 2007 06:16 AM

Good, cheap food in Woodstock, NY?

I will be staying in Woodstock for a couple days and was wondering if anyone could recommend some delicious, inexpensive places to eat for lunch and dinner with some vegetarian options. I checked previous postings on Woodstock, and the restaurants mentioned (Bear Cafe, Red Onion, etc.) all seem quite expensive. Thank you!

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  1. If you think that the bear cafe is expensive, then just about anything in Woodstock will be in the same category or higher.

    You'll probably have to jaunt into Saugerties, Kingston or Rhinebeck for cheaper alternatives.

    1. Taco Juan's on Tinker Street isn't bad for what it is--counter service, hippy-style mexican. I like the iced coffee made with ice cream. Wouldn't describe it as delicious, perhaps, "tasty if you order carefully". Then there's a Bread Alone for soup and sandwiches and baked goods.

      1. Excellent food, reasonably priced. Highly recommend...

        1. Thank you for all the suggestions so far! I'm definitely willing to go into Saugerties if anything is recommended in that area.

          1. I know I'm late, but... Joshua's has a great lunch deal. Lots of food for reasonable price. There is a new place on the Village Green called the Garden Cafe? It's the best deal by far -- organic, tasty, heaping plates of food for around $10. It's a byob place, too. You do need reservations.... but if you go before or after peak hours, you could squeeze in. My husband ended up leaving me there after we were joined by some other interesting diners who didn't have reservations either. My husband's hearing sucks, so he couldn't really hear... food is excellent. There's wok and roll across from Catskill mountain pizzza for some ok chinese, but the chinese at the Little Bear is better as is the ambience. Price is ok, too. Sorry I'm weighing in so late, but... better late than never?