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Dec 18, 2007 05:54 AM

Drink in the North End

My husband and I will be staying at Long Wharf on Saturday and having dinner at Terramia in the North End. We are looking for a recommendation where we can enjoy a drink after dinner.

We are looking for a place that:
-is within walking distance of the North End/Waterfront Area.
-can make a good drink, but also has a decent wine list.
-is comfortable/relaxing (not with a bunch of 21 year olds partying).

Anything come to mind?

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  1. Lucca
    Sel de la Terre

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    1. re: saltyair

      I live on the waterfront, a block from Hanover, and I must say that the bar at Lucca is my personal favorite North End bar. Cafe Francesca (sp?) has a pretty good espresso martini, though.