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Dec 18, 2007 05:38 AM

Faidley's Crabcake delivery

I was thinking about sending a fairly large order of crabcakes to my home office in Michigan for the Holidays. I was wondering if anyone could chime in for recent or past experiences using Faidley's to do so. I know G + M does it also so if you have any comments that way also feel free to chime in.........Thanks. You would not believe what they call crab cakes in Michigan...yuck!

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  1. Also......were they best sent fresh or slightly cooked?? Thanks.

    1. My Mom once ordered G&M and she was quite happy she got them fresh, not cooked. She said they were not as good as the real restaurant, but close and still extremely good.

      1. I once had them sent to Chicago when I lived there, and they were very fresh when they arrived. I hear Oprah still has them sent to her.

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          Faidley's are 100X better tasting. I've shipped them in jumbo and backfin size, uncooked and cooked, both broiled and fried, and the recipients say the uncooked jumbo lump is best. Except in summer, when the ice melts. Make sure Fedex really has AM service to the location, some outlying areas are later and some places are not served from here on Saturday.

          1. re: chowsearch

            Agree totally -- for a quality crabcake, Faidley's beats G&M all to hell. Never tried shipping either though.

        2. Another vote hands down for Faidley's. I sent uncooked jumbo lumps to former Baltimoreans in Seattle recently, and they were delighted. Expensive but worth it on occasions.
          Be sure the recipient will be there to accept overnight delivery.

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            Man, when I lived in Seattle I would have killed for some Faidley's crabcakes. They have amazing seafood there, but they don't know nothing about making crab cakes. Tom Douglas can write all the books he wants. ;-) You're a good friend!!