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Dec 18, 2007 05:13 AM

Any suggestions for Xmas Day dinner in Center City

I checked Open Table and most are hotel restaurants which is understandable, but checking to see if there are any non hotel restaurants. Thanks

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  1. You would have to try ethnic restaurants like Chinese, Japanese, maybe Middle Eastern? Would that work?

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    1. re: Alissavlad

      Actually, one year we went to Susanna Foo, but I don't think they are open this year...

    2. See thread below on "Festive Christmas Dinner in CC"

      1. Well, being Jewish, and having a Chinese GF, Sang Kee is becoming something of a tradition for us.

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        1. re: Bob Loblaw

          Argh...this is also our tradition but I just called tonight to make a reservation and they said they are fully booked!

        2. Last year 3 of us went to Lee How Fook at 219 N 11 street. We went without a reservation as we usual do but once we arrived they asked if we had one. Even though we didn't they seated us anyway. The place was jumping but they continued to take walk-ins.

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          1. re: bentley1530

            we went to lee how fook this year on xmas eve, late, right before closing around 10pm. it was still packed!

            xmas day we ended up at the spring garden market (new huge asian grocer) up at 4th and spring garden, and got ingredients to cook thai food at home which was a blast. leftovers tonight for dinner!!

            what's sang kee all about?