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Dec 18, 2007 04:38 AM

Lunch suggestions near ICA

I'm going to the new Institute for Contemporary Art in the morning next week and I'll use the "T". Is there a good lunch place within walking distance? Is the ICA's restaurant any good? I understand that Anthony's is next door, but I have heard so many mediocre ratings since moving here, I don't want to waste calories there. If your suggestions necessitate another "T" ride, please let me know which color and which stop. Thanks.

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  1. I've never eaten at the ICA, but Flour Bakery is within walking distance and has great sandwiches. You can either do takeout or they have some tables so you can eat there. It is at 12 Farnsworth St. right near the Court House Silver Line stop .

    1. Eastern Pier (Asian) on the other side of Anthony's but still on the waterfront. A little further down Norhtern Ave is Legal Test Kitchen and Salvatore's. Barking Crab is near the courthouse and Channel Cafe is located at 300 Summer St (has an art gallery attached to it that displays local artists).

      1. Along with the other suggestions, if you walk past the World Trade Center down Seaport Blvd. there are some more lunch options. If you're just looking for a sandwich, Pressed Sandwiches has... pressed sandwiches. Seating there is limited, it's mostly a takeout place. You can also have a sit-down lunch at LTK, which is a slightly more innovative version of Legal Sea Foods (mixed opinions on the board - my opinion is that it's reliably good if not the best). I've never been to the restaurant at the Seaport Hotel, Azure, but I've been told good things.

        In the other direction, if you want a good comfort food fix, on the corner of Congress Street and A Street go through the unmarked subterranean entrance to Lucky's.

        One warning about Flour Bakery - people who work in the area call it "Hour Bakery." The service can be painfully slow. The food is worth the wait, but it's a wait.

        As for the restaurant in the ICA, it's the same type of Wolfgang Puck's cafeteria operation that you find in many airports, such as Logan's Terminal C.

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          Thanks patiofixture,
          How far a walk is Flour? We are not in a rush, so time is not an issue. Do you have recommendations for lunch items? When we are finished with lunch, are we near a "T" stop (color?) or do we have to walk back to the ICA to pick up the silver line bus again?

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            It's about a 10-minute walk. My favorite sandwich is the lamb one, but I've never had a bad sandwich or salad there. I can never resist the baked goods either -- love their brioche. You can catch the silver line at the Courthouse T stop a few block away from Flour, or walk another 15 minutes or so to the Red line at South Station.

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              Flour will be about a 15-20 minute walk from the ICA in current conditions, as you will not be able to use some currently ice-clogged and unsafe shortcuts. Once all of the sidewalks and lots are properly cleared it will be closer to 10.

              From Flour, it's a short walk over the Congress Street bridge and around the corner to get back to South Station, which would probably be much faster than taking the Silver Bus one stop from Courthouse.

          2. “There’s also a Sebastians Cafe located along the pedestrian walkway between Congress Street and Seaport Boulevard. It’s on your right when you’re walking on Seaport Boulevard from the ICA, just before the catwalk of the World Trade Center complex. It’s a nice café—only open weekdays—offering a variety of lunch options including hearty sandwiches made with Iggy’s bread and all sorts of cool spreads (like olive tapenade) and they also offer crepes (my favorite), salads, soups and hot entrée options. I think they actually got Best of Boston for their salads this year, too. I work in the area and go there for lunch quite a bit. I believe it’s closer to the ICA than Flour—but Flour is also a nice option if you’re willing to make the hike in the cold and snow.”