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Jul 16, 2000 08:33 PM

Take Out Picnics

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I'll be in LA in a couple of weeks and will be seeing a show at the Hollywood Bowl. I am responsible for providing the picnic basket for 6 people and I would love recommendations on places that have prepared picnics/box meals etc, ready for pick up. We will be staying in West Hollywood. Any ideas? Also does anyone know if we can bring our own alchohlic beverages or are we limited to buying what they have there?

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  1. Try Victor's, corner of Franklin and Bronson in Hollywood. It's just a couple of miles straight east of the Hollywood Bowl on Franklin.

    1. You can certainly bring your own wine to the bowl. As for ideas on who to buy your picnic from, this week's issue of New Times' Dish section is devoted to that very topic. You can read it online at