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Dec 17, 2007 11:40 PM

Israel dining questions.

Israel dining questions
My husband and I are going to Israel in March and I have some dining questions. Before I get in to them two things to point out. A. We have been to Israel numerous times and know the country well B. I know eluna and find it very helpful BUT I have been to some very mediocre restaurants which they have give decen reviews (Viaquero for one). Okay now onto the questions:

1) Eilat restaurant suggestions? We haven't been in years. A nice mixture of upscale and casual is appreciate. We are staying at Herod's vitalis but I don't know if the Lawrence restaurant is worth it as we fish in non-kosher restaurant all the time.

2) Has anyone been to spoons or done one of Hila's culinary tours I would love to know if it is worth it. Or can you suggest other interesting culinary tours in Jerusalem?

3) Best hotel in Jerusalem to spend shabbat in if you kosher, but moderately religious. Frankly the hotel which has the best shabbat menu. Details are appreciated.

4) Any new (with in the past year) and interesting places in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

Thanks you for all of your help.

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  1. not new but I really love Tapeo, not kosher though
    In telaviv

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      Both in Tel Aviv

      Herbert Samuel

    2. the food in Eilat is not the best you'll find in Israel, but there is one place on the beach (north) that's great: shwarma on the beach. it's in front of the Isrotel.

      1. The King David Hotel in Jerusalem has the best Kosher Shabbat menu. I have gone there numerous times for shabbat, and they have menus where you can choose your appetizer (soups or salads), fish, entree, and dessert. Though their chalot aren't that good, their food is pretty good for shabbat food (though i dont know if that's saying much).

        1. Hello, I am also looking for culinary tours in Jerusalem but I could not find either the "spoons" or the "Hila's tours" you mentioned. Do they have any web site? I am looking in particular for one-day or half-day tours as I will spend only very little time in Israel and that only in Jerusalem.

          Thank you for your help,
          also Sasha :-)