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Whoppers Sno-Balls

Ok, this is going to sound crazy but I have a serious thing for "Whopper's Robin's Eggs" that you get at Easter. The problem is that's only once a year.

Now I hear that they are making a version of this addictive candy for the Christmas season called "Whoppers Sno-Balls". Apparently it's the same thing only white for the holidays and the package has a polar bear on the front. The problem is I have no idea where to find them near me. So if anyone has seen these in the Miracle Mile/ Mid-Wilshire area please let me know. I need my fix!


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  1. Sorry, don't know about the SnoBalls, but the 99cent store has some strawberry milk shake whoppers that I enjoyed more than I expected.

    1. According to this candy blog they are available at the Ralph's in Glendale. Maybe some other Ralph's carry them too?


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        That's how I found out about them! However driving all the way out to Glendale to pick up a bag of candy seems a little silly. I was hoping someone had spotted them closer to me.

      2. I would think the bigger chains would have them until the 25th, then they go on sale to make way for Valentines Candy!

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          CVS always has a huge selection of holiday candy. I would try there first.

        2. I haven't checked it out personally, but I have good luck with the holiday assortments at Walgreen's, especially the one on Sunset in Echo Park.

          Target might be a good bet as well, there's one in the Mid Wilshire area.

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            I saw some at Target the other day...

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                I saw it at the one in Culver City. They probably have it at the one in We Ho, though.

          2. Just saw these at Long's drug store in Studio City!

            1. Not in your area, but I saw these today at Target in Diamond Bar. You might want to call around to the locations in your area to check.

              1. Just wanted to thank you all for your help and let you know that the Whoppers Sno-Balls have finally been located at the Target on La Cienega, the Kmart on 3rd and the Longs on Beverly!