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Dec 17, 2007 10:43 PM


Hi all,

I'm trying to find a local source for Zuckerhut, the sugar cones used in the german flaming sugar-spiced wine drink called Feuerzangenbowle. Does anyone know any sources for this, or any likely german/international food stores? Something close to west san jose or palo alto (or points in between) would be great, but I'm willing to drive...


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  1. Yum, I haven't had that since I was an exchange student in Germany many years ago, but it was delicious.

    You can get them online and shipped from Texas:

    1. You might try Lehr's German Specialties in San Francisco or Dittmer's in Mountain View.

      Dittmer's Gourmet Meats
      400 San Antonio Rd Ste 4, Mountain View, CA 94040

      Lehr's German Specialties
      1581 Church St, San Francisco, CA

      1. Anybody ever spotted these in the East Bay?