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Dec 17, 2007 10:29 PM

18th Birthday Toronto

My girlfriends 18th birthday is coming up and we will be in Toronto. I am looking for a nice romantic restauraunt where it is presented well and good service and good food. We won't be drinking wine. Hoping to spend around 50 - 60 for both of us as I have a bunch of other stuff planned. Thanks for your help :)

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  1. Different circumstances for you as you are older and on a budget but you might find some interesting suggestions on this thread for a teen couple's dinner -

    The couple in the thread ending up going to the Asian Bowl on Yonge near Wellesley, the girl's favourite restaurant. When I expressed a little exasperation after all the great suggestions on this board, my daughter retorted - 'well they do have linen tablecloths!'

    Anyway, you'd be able to have a nice meal there for under $50. And they do have linen tablecloths.

    The Bowl
    522 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y1X9, CA

    1. Also anyplace that would do something special seeing as its her birthday would also be good.

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        Call me crazy, but I think a place like Milestone's would be great for an 18th birthday. The food is reliable and you can eat well within your price range. I've always had good service at Milestone's. I bet they'd do something special for her birthday at a place like that. You can request a booth in a quieter area of the restaurant for more romance.

      2. Do you have any preferences in terms of location or cuisine? Or more importantly... does she?

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          Location doesnt really matter. Cuisine - hmm. Basically no seafood. I was thinking about going to Fire on the East Side for dinner and then over to 7 West cafe for dessert. Is it nice at Fire on the east side?

        2. If you like 7 West you might like Kalendar on College.

          I've had good luck at Bar Italia too, although I know others around here may disagree.

          Sotto Voce on College is also a very pretty, romantic little boite.

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            All these places seem nice. I definately want to try alot of them. I looked in the other thread as well. I think some of the menu's may scare her. She's a little afraid to try new things. For example she loves lasagna but if she went to a restaurant and saw that they put goat cheese instead of ricotta she probably wouldn't order it. So it's tough. I looked at all the restaurants and think fire on the east side might have the most options with the most "normal" stuff. But my birthday is on the 30th so maybe I'll suggest a different one for that day.

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              Fire on the East Side, while good, is a very loud room. Seating is generally communal with some tables for four off to the side of the bar. Not a place I'd pick for a date.

              For romance on a budget with "normal" food, I'd recommend Weezie's on King one block east of Parliament. Its Frech bistro comfort food executed very well. You won't need to leave to find dessert as theirs are great. I suggest reserving dessert for the bd girl, though, as they do sell out.

              The service is fantastic and the owner and chef generally make the rounds of the tables. They know how to make a person feel special. The Weezie's romance table is the one in the window at the southeast corner of the room. They'll reserve it for you if you ask. That table offers a nice view of the church and parkette across the street and allows you to sit corner to corner rather than face to face making such things as gift giving and hand holding very easy.

              Lots of free street parking nearby. About a 5-7 King streetcar ride from Yonge which practically stops right in front of Weezie's.


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                Do they have a website or a possible menu I could see? It sounds great!

                1. re: phikshin

                  I'm pretty sure they don't have a website, but this review mentions some of their dishes specifically, with prices as well:

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                    That's correct, they don't have a website. If you search Weezie's on the Ontario board, you'll see the reviews are quite positive. You'll also get a feel for what they serve. They do change menu items fairly regularly these days with the exception of their high demand items such as her fantastic burger. In my experience, I've yet to have anything at Weezie's I didn't like. Quite reliable in that regard.

              2. re: Rabbit

                i strongly endorse Kalendar. i went there on a second date and now am engaged to the guy :)
                but seriously - nice room, lots of romantic nooks and crannies, yummy yummy pastas and pizza and salads, but nothing "out there"

              3. my family is pretty picky so finding a resto with "normal " food is sometimes hard and painful for me too. But I took my sister (18) to beer bistro for her bday. she had steak frites and loved it. its a beautiful room, a bit more upscale then milestones or another chain and the food is good and interesting without being scary.