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Dec 17, 2007 09:20 PM

Am I the only one who hates Harry & David?

Harry & David is mysteriously popular, it seems to me. Every year I receive at least one of their baskets piled high with mostly paper and air and absolutely dreadful bags of stale, tasteless-at-best unimaginative and uninteresting offerings. Their "cheese" in particular is far below the 'tasteless' stage -- it's just plain execrable.

The pears, I will allow, are positively heavenly. No doubt about that. Eating those pears must be as close to nirvana as one can come. Ordering them, OTOH, is not.

It's all the games that the internet company plays that send me. There are a bazillion coupons out there for H&D, but they mostly don't work and then when you order they turn around and tease you with a discount on something else only it doesn't work if you click the button while standing on your left foot ... and meanwhile the other coupon stopped working because you were so disloyal as to consider a different coupon.... Etc.

And then it's just plain incredibly expensive.

So 99% of their product is tasteless, it's expensive and annoying and ubiquitous. Yet I feel I'm the only one sick and tired of them?

I got fed up tonight and decided someone else out there must be growing and sending pears, right? So I ordered from these guys:

The above link shows you how cool they are about farming sustainably. A lot of very thoughtful creative practices they describe. And then their pears -- $30/dz post *paid*. Plus, they're still able to send for Xmas. It all looked like such a comparatively good deal I ordered a box for me! Course I haven't tasted them yet to compare with the real McCoy ("Royal Riviera", the pretentious H&D name for Comice pears to the rest of us). Keep ya posted.

Thought someone else might still need to send a fruit gift, appreciate the H&D sentiments or wish to support a nifty-sounding small operation rather than mega-major-national-pretenders (to gourmet-ness) H&D.

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  1. Nope. I really like Harry & David. Their chipotle snack mix is one of my all time favorites. There are definite hits and misses though. I wouldn't waste money on their plain pretzels, popcorn, or even the Moose Munch. But, their frozen cheesecake was good as far as frozen cheesecakes go, and I am a huge fan of most of their snack mixes.

    1. I think their fruit is wonderful, but don't like any of the rest of their "stuff."

      1. we are annually inundated with h&d packages at work this time of year. the fruit is the only worthwhile thing, and even then it's no better than what a savvy shopper can buy for less at almost any grocery. i think h&d's primary business is corporate gifts. they probably make it easy to order a generic gift (with a bulk discount) & send it to your address list.

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        1. re: mark

          The chocolate covered bing cherries are the best!!!

          1. re: mark

            As mark said, they make it unbelievably easy to reorder to the same people year after year (we used to receive the order list already preprinted!).

            The fruit is the only edible item that we like from them (specifically, the pears). The other foodstuffs are all basically generic crap that one can find elsewhere with better quality and a better price point.

            The only other thing we used to regularly order was one of their little xmas trees for my grandmother in a nursing home. It always came packaged beautifully and was a really lovely little thing (as it should have been for the price).

          2. We got a basket at work. Those pears are heavenly but the basket included two bags of "Triple Apple Confections' which we all dared each other to eat. I took one small bite and it tasted exactly like when you get suntan lotion in your mouth. Awful! Other than that, there is also a bag of chocolate fruits which are absolutely awful. But we did enjoy the spicy party mix, the chocolate dipped pretzels and popcorn, and those pears!

              these folks are local and quite a bit smaller.
              Too late for this year.....

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              1. re: bbqboy

                Trout Creek Orchards will send 12 pears for $30 incl shipping. HillCrest Orchards offers 6 pears for $23 PLUS shipping. Wow! very big difference.