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Dec 17, 2007 08:55 PM

Kosher Hibachi?

years ago you used to be able to go to eden wok on the UWS; then they dropped the hibachi tables...and then closed (not surprisingly) a year or so later. any thoughts and where to go for some kosher hibachi these days?

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    1. There's a place opening on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn (between Ave. N & O, if I recall correctly). Big lighted sign - "Glatt Kosher Hibachi Steakhouse", but no other info. I think it took the location of some other kosher meat establishment that never opened. The location seems mighty small for hibachi grills.
      Of course, there used to be Tokyo of Brooklyn on Avenue U, which I believe was closed down for Kashrus issues. They had a large dining room. Oh well.

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      1. re: psycomp

        would love to see a kosher hibatchi place. need some different dining options!

        1. re: psycomp

          Got a phone number off of the awning, and found this on

          Hibachi Steakhouse Inc
          1827 Coney Island Ave
          Brooklyn, NY 11230
          (718) 336-1445

          Goes straight to voicemail.

          1. re: psycomp

            The Hibachi Steakhouse you speak of is already open. I doubt it will last. It has two hibachi tables at the back of the restaurant. The menu is fairly limited with the hibachi options (its mostly asian and middle eastern dishes) and I was not too impressed with the food.

            Give it a shot though. Maybe I was there on an off night.

          2. They opened a few weeks ago. They have a website:
            If they last another month, we'll try them for our anniversary. That slot hasn't been very good for restaurants, not least, probably, because it's over half a mile from any subway stop. I think that's the third place that has tried to open in that slot in the past 2-3 years, and this one actually opened.

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            1. re: thanbo

              they may survive since from their photo's, only a quarter of the seating
              is by the hibachi, which probably requires a special reservation to enjoy.
              making the remainder of the seating an Asian/Mediterranean fusion menu.

              1. re: Joe Berger

                I'm not sure how long they'll last. We stopped by to find out more about their offerings. There are only 2 hibachi tables, and your party must have 10 people or more to qualify for hibachi seating. Their menu is available at Great Kosher Restaurants:


                The cuisine is Japanese-but-mostly-Israeli, with appetizers like Hummus, Baba Ghanoush and Cigars. Check out the prices for the non-hibachi food on page 2. $20 for grilled salmon? $20 for BBQ chicken? Even $20 for a Fried Schnitzel? They'll have quite a time competing with the established Israeli joints, just 10 minutes away on Kings Highway.

                Their sushi menu on page 4 is minimal, and I believe average-priced. What really gets me is their Hibachi menu, on page 3. A vegetarian dish for $20? That better be a huge pile of vegetables! I think that the cost of a hibachi-chef is pushing their prices through the roof. $27 chicken and $30 steak? It's still basically stir-fry, so I don't see how they can charge those prices.

                Not surprisingly, within a week of opening they had a sign up about their lunch specials, 40% off. Not a good sign. And they only open after noon. I had high hopes, but I don't give them long...

                  1. re: iab

                    thanks for the info. I just want on their website. I am not enticed by their menu options. Rather, eat out somewhere else for a fraction of the price. too bad. I was expecting a different menu.

                    1. re: inky

                      I went last night. The chef put on a nice show and the food was excellent. I had the hanger steak and my husband had fillet mignon and chicken. We both agreed that the hanger steak was better. Each dish was about $40 and came with small salad, fried rice and grilled vegetables. A bit pricey but overall it was an enjoyable culinary experience.

                      1. re: Love4Food

                        And they're gone! The sign now reads "Mamash Kebab - Fine Persian and Mediterranean Food". Still Kosher. Maybe they're using the hibachi's to grill kebab.

                  2. re: psycomp

                    I ate at the new location on ave. u & the food was pretty good, but beware. we wanted to order a bottle of wine & was told there was no wine list so the waiter brought us a pretty cheap ($9 in liquor stores) bottle of merlot. When the bill came they double charged us for all the food & when asked to correct it, they said they charged us for the wine, disguised as food, $45 per bottle!!! We fought it & obviously did not pay that much, but they tried to take advantage of us & make up for an empty restaurant by ripping us off. They are real crooks & I would never eat there again!

              2. They moved to Ave U to a larger location, I'm npot sure what street. The hangar steak is great! The fried rice is delish! And when I go with my kids, they actually eat the food because they're busy watching the "show"!

                1. hey i just went to THE NEW PLACE wat a big differnce from there old 1 better service bette food and more room they have 12 hibachi tables there steaks are amazing check them out there on ave U AND E 9 ST

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                  1. re: celltech123

                    I was there last night. u say the food is better, well then i shudder to think of how bad the old place was. Really tough piece of meat and seasoned with soy sauce is not what I'd expect for $40 a plate. very disappointed