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Looking for Best Frites in Toronto

I am searching for the best frites in Toronto - defined as cut thick and long, brown and slightly crunchy on the outside, white and soft on the inside, with a touch of salt, and tasty on their own, ideally but not necessarily served in a paper cone. Thanks!

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  1. Any Jamie Kennedy restaurant or Oliver and Bonacini restaurant. All have great frites as you describe them.

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      Believe it or not, Starfish makes excellent frites!!!

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        I finally tried Starfish's frites last week. You're absolutely right, they are excellent. A generous portion, too!

    2. Weezie's on King St East has great frites...also Cafe Pleiade on Mt Pleasant are yummie...Miranda

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        While I agree that the frites at Weezie's are delicious and crunchy little guys, they're not really what the OP is looking for.

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          Weezies french fries were soggy the last time I was there, re-fried in oil that was either not fresh, or not hot enough.
          Also they are pomme frites, and not the thick cut.
          I do like Weezies, and will return, as everything else is quite tasty, but thumbs down for their french fries.

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          what is cafe pleiade? i drive by everyday, is it italian food or french or what?

        3. jkwb and starfish do do a good job, but if you want a seriously thick cut with great crunch but a soft fluffy mashed potato style interior... batifole! no cone but i would never miss their fries during a meal and always crave them.

          1. I like the frites at Beer Bistro if having them on their own but if you want them with an amazing chipotle mayonaise dip, check out Bymark's. We had them last night at Bymark and they were fantastic. Super yummy. Both places serve them in paper cones.

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              pinstripe is right, Batifole's are very good also. And another little spot that makes excellent frites is Bistro Tournesol. Some of the other menu items are just okay but the frites are very well done.

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                Second Beer Bistro's frites. My favourite item on their entire menu.

              2. Cowbell's are amazing, they're sprinkled with crunchy sea salt.

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                  I agree, Cowbell's frites are pretty amazing. Thanks for reminding me;)

                2. The request is modest enough. A good chip truck will do: Steve's (Blue truck) on Queen just west of Bay, or the truck in front of the CBC. Both have good reps, but there will be others as well, none more than $4.

                  1. I agree with Beerbistro and JKWB. Haven't had anything better than those two places.

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                      my encounter with JK's fries were at JK @ The Gardiner, and it was fabulous

                    2. I can't have fries on my current diet (oh the foodie injustice!), but Homeway's has excellent fries in plentiful portions. Highly recommended with the house club sandwich.

                      1. Merlot at Royal York & Bloor and Matignon on Balmuto ( I believe ) both have very good frites. And of course they are one of Jamie Kennedy's signature dishes.

                        1. My personal faves; (all different types)
                          JK Wine Bar

                          1. For the style you want, I'd suggest Batifole. Allen's used to be right up there, but they've lost something since a change in their frying oil - decent, but no longer great.

                            Although the style isn't exactly what you want, JKWB and Bierbistro have great fries. So does at least one of the chip wagons at city hall.

                            1. Pickle Barrel used to make fries just like that...sort of a steak fry. Not sure if they are the same, as it has been many years since eating fries there.

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                                I regret to inform you that the Pickle Barrel's are some of the worst in the city. Inconsistently cooked, greasy, underseasoned etc. While not generally a fan of the place, I do admit that I enjoy their smoked meat sandwiches. Too bad the fries don't measure up.

                                Another place not mentioned is Cava. Crispy, well spiced, served in a an interesting presentation which is built in to the tables.

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                                  It's funny seeing Cava and Pickle Barrel in the same post :-)

                              2. I just had some nice frites at Bodega on baldwin. nice and crispy and thinly cut.

                                1. the SO says the Quince frites are good, and I'd put in a word for Utopia, but they're not as per the OP's request.