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Dec 17, 2007 08:01 PM

What is authentic Italian cuisine where you are...

On another post a chowhounder said that he was frustrated that he could not find 'authentic Italian cusine' in a certain part of the N.Y.C. suburbs (Obviously an expert)...o.k. So what do you consider 'authentic Italian cuisine' in your part of the country?

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  1. Almost anything out of my Mama's kitchen.

    1. i think pizza hut bout does it round these parts....sympathy?

      1. Not wanting to come across as arrogant, but -- when I want good / authentic Italian food, I either cook it myself, or save it for NYC or Philadelphia. There is no decent Italian food around here, period. And in the city, it's important for me that it's *not* Italian-American. I've eaten in Italy; there are fantastic Italian restos in Germany...

        I really appreciated the Crispo rec by the Manhattan 'hounds, and take every chance I get for good, authentic Italian food in the U.S. (see my post on the PA board).

        buon appetito.

        1. While your friend might very well be a knowledgable diner, many other dwellers of the NYC suburbs would not know authentic Italian cuisine if it hit them with a 10m torrone. Living in this part of the country doesn't necessarily make one an expert. At times I almost fear it does the opposite.

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            Exactly my point, JungMann...We often hear this expression used, so with this post I am trying to figure out what 'authentic Italian cuisine' is...(we are not talking about whether an Italian restaurant is good or bad, that's another issue). I am sure if an Italian from Milan were comparing culinary notes with an Italian from Calabria, there would be some differences, yet they are both Italian. We know that there is no 'single' Italian cuisine...right?

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              You must read ONE OF THE GREATEST THREADS EVER on this exact subject:

              Authentic ethnic food, your opinion for my research paper?

          2. First off we have to determine which type of Italian cuisine you're referring to. There's American-Italian (immigrant style) and then there's Italian cuisine of Italy. While American-Italian cuisine has its roots from Italy, of course, it is very different than Italian cuisine of Italy which is extremely regionalized. There's the Italian cuisine from the North, Central and South regions of the country, with 19 authentic sub-regional styles. So which Italian cuisine are you asking about?