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Dec 17, 2007 07:43 PM

Vegetarian Solo Birthday Dinner (Calgary)

I am being "evicted" from rez tomorrow afternoon, and I have to move into a hotel overnight before I fly home on Wednesday. I'll be staying at the Westin and will need to go out for dinner. It's going to be my semi-birthday dinner, as my birthday is the next morning and I'll be spending a good portion of the day on planes and in airports, so I'd like something fairly nice. I'm the last of my friends to go home for the holidays, so I'll be dining solo. I also don't eat meat (or chicken, or fish), but don't care if the restaurant serves other meat dishes (if I cared, I'd pretty much be eating at The Coup every day). I've been to the River Cafe recently and know it's close to the hotel, but they've only got one vegetarian choice and I'm up for something different.


I imagine you carnivores can't think of anything more miserably depressing than eating your meatless birthday dinner alone!

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  1. Wow - i was going to invite you to join me at Blowfish tomorrow, but i noticed you don't eat fish either.

    I seem to recall that you take transit, thus ruling out driving anywhere right?

    Close to the Westin, i'd say you have 3 decent choices. East Indian (Glory of India and what used to be Chutney.. not sure what it is now) serve up good and palatable vegetarian. They do use ghee (clarified butter), but you didnt say you don't eat eggs or milk so i assume you arent vegan.Im not sure it's the best menu choice the night before a flight, but it's true vegetarian.

    Second choice is Thai food. Rose Garden is on Stephan Avenue. Im not a huge fan, but lots of people seem to like it.

    Thirdly, and probably the best choice, i'd construct something out of various appetizers and flat breads at Divino. They have a few vegetarian choices as entrees as well, and great wine by the glass. They have an amazing cheese selection too! They also have good dessert, and it's a nice place to people watch - i wouldnt feel uncomfortable dining solo there.

    Anyway, hope you have a great pre-birthday meal and a safe trip home.

    1. Whenever I am in Calgary, I fall over myself to get to Aida's Bistro at 2208 - 4 St SW. In the past I have had a superb vegetarian mezze platter. Most memorable part was the red pepper-walnut dip. Wherever you go, do call ahead, it's a busy season and you don't want to arrive to find that you can't get a seat.

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        an excellent (closer) alternative to Aida's would be Sahara as it's still downtown. The food is just as good, IMHO.

        My partner's a vegetarian and was recently dining at Divino and was actually a bit underwhelmed by the vegetarian options. Looking at the online menu, i can't really see how, but that's what she said.

        I've heard rumours of a vegetarian chinese restaurant in chinatown similar to buddha veggie, but unfortunately don't have any details.

        I'd also second glory of india. Thai food can get a bit tricky, because they use a lot of fish sauces. I suspect that you could also find something tasty at centini (some good reviews on this board, but haven't eaten there myself...)

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          The veggie place in Chinatown you're thinking of is Veggie House (109-303 Centre Street SW). Its in the mall on the corner of Centre St and 3rd Ave (can't remember the name). Its food court seating, so it may not be great atmosphere for a birthday dinner. The stuffed tofu rolls are really good and I've also enjoyed the dumplings and eggplant chow mein. Prices are also more reasonable than Buddha Veggie.

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            I love the mixed gluten plate at Veggie House- HUGE pile of food!

            There is also a pure veg Vietnamese place in that one-storey complex that has Thi Thi on the corner- it's called White Oak 2 (White Oak 1 was a viet sub place in the west end of downtown). Never been there but they do have a unique menu.

            Blink is reputed to have several veggie options too.

            Seconding Sahara too- best hummous (in a resto) I've had in Calgary.

      2. happy birthday on thursday! it's my birthday too!

        i can't help too much on the vegetarian front but I would second Aida's as a good suggestion - that red pepper dip is delicious.
        i would also second divino - everything is tasty, including the martinis and wine and it wouldn't be a bad place to eat at on your own.

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          Aidas is a great choice, but on foot, would be a very long walk from the Westin.

        2. Thanks for your suggestions! Wouldn't you know it, I didn't finish packing until 8:00 and didn't get into the hotel until 9:00... I was waaaay too tired to go out for dinner. I must say, the Westin's room service leaves a lot to be desired. However, I just thought I'd post to say thanks for all your suggestions. I'm off to Mexico (via Honduras!) for a term abroad (my last term after six years of university and two degrees... no more U of C rez EVER!) and I'm looking forward to consuming huge quantities of cheese and tortillas in the near future!