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Dec 17, 2007 07:29 PM

Spot for group near Penn Ave. please!

Parents are coming in this weekend. Dad has been eating some pretty bland London fare for a while, so looking for something hopefully a little tastier!

I have two dilemmas.
---One is that it's going to be a medium size crowd (Parents, me, sister, boyfriend and friend) so I don't want anything too expensive (which some places on Pennsylvania can be, ie. Citronelle may be a bit much for this outing). Something $15-$28ish per dish would be fine, so it doesn't need to be inexpensive per se, just not extravagant when you factor in wine and apps or dessert.
---Two is that my dad can be a little hard of hearing, so I can't have anything too loud. I know this will be somewhat difficult to find on Friday night, but I'd just like to hopefully carry on a conversation.

I'd like something in the Pennsylvania Avenue area, but if you've got a great rec somewhere else I'll definitely look into it.


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  1. 701 is not very loud. It's right on Penn and 7th. They do have a piano player in the evenings, so that will add a bit of noise, but it's also quite nice. They also have a pre-theater menu, so if you can get there early, you can have quite a feast with your budget in tact.

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      Thanks! Didn't think of that, and I've been wanting to try it.

    2. The "Pennsylvania Avenue area" description is pretty broad, but here are a few good places that fit it:

      Fogo de Chao
      Capital Grille

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      1. re: jaydreb

        Yes but not in her price range for the most part. Ceiba might fit the bill, but again it might be on the pricier side.

      2. Are you willing to go somewhere a little off of Penn Ave, say in Metro Center area or Penn Quarter?. Also, is there a particular area of Penn Ave that you are looking for (its a pretty long stretch, even heading into Eastern Market/Capitol Hill area).

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          Another friend had mentioned Ceiba when I asked for recs. Good/bad reports on that? Parents are staying at the JW Marriott near the White House. If they can cab it somewhere reasonably that would be fine too. Prefer not to mess with metro.

          1. re: edlf25

            I haven't been to Ceiba in about a year and a half but when I went with my brother and sister-in-law we all really enjoyed it. The vibe is pretty cool, they have good drinks, and the food is good from what I can remember. I do remember a great guacomole and some type of cool appetizer that cooks on the table with a small fire. It's a fun, latin-fusion restaurant.

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              I just went to Ceiba for lunch today. Had their fritter appetizer which was very good with an awesome mango sauce. I had the skirt steak with chimchurri that was also excellent and then chocolate cake and their house made caramel popcorn for dessert. Went with a friend we both really enjoyed it and I think the inside is quite nice. I was very impressed and the waitress even though they seemed pretty busy told us not to rush and to take our time (we exchanged gifts before she left for home for the holidays). I highly recommend it if you like that type of food. I don't know what the table next to us got perhaps the shredded duck appetizer it looked amazing.

              1. re: ktmoomau

                Yum that sounds great. Seems like a fun place and I love good guacamole. What is the dress like?

                1. re: edlf25

                  At lunch lots of suits, but I think that is just the area it is located and time of year everyone is wearing a full suit to work. I don't think it would be that dressy for dinner. Khakis I am sure would be fine maybe even jeans?

          2. for the area, and for their quaility. Tenpenh is actually really great. not condescending either. they're on 10th and Penn. :) a little Asian-inspired, but hardly what peeps call fusion. Great lamb potstickers for starters. but really, i haven't had a bad meal yet. sake mojito is amazing as well.