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Dec 17, 2007 07:03 PM

Pita Kabob has re-opened at new location

I noticed that Pita Kabob is now open (and buzzing) at their new location on Chauncy Street downtown (around the backside of Macy's). Does anybody have recommendations for lunch picks? I haven't eaten there yet...

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  1. Some co-workers grabbed takeout from there last week. Apparently it's a bit disorganized but they just opened. I had chicken kabob with rice and salad. Decent chicken, tasty rice and salad of cukes, tomatoes and onions.

    1. I got some lunch there the other day and I was not overly impressed. I felt like people were really touting the quality for the price factor but I didn't notice it to be anything special. I do rarely get kabobs so I am probably not the best source but I would like to hear from someone who had been to the old location and let me know how it compares. It seemed there were a lot of fans when it was next to the littlest bar.

      1. Karen- I recently went there on my lunch break and wanted a simple ham and cheese pita with pickles. After going over the fact three times that i did NOT want mayo only pickles I get back to my work caf to find a burnt pita with no pickles- great! Apparetnly they don't listen as much as they talk...

        1. I like this place a lot, but I think you have to accept that it's an Iranian joint and skip the American offerings. I think the kebabs are outstanding (despite our orthographic differences), especially the kubideh (grilled beef meatballs). The Persian items are just as good as they were on Province Street, the space is brighter and roomier, and you can even eat in there now, albeit standing at the rear counter.