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Dec 17, 2007 06:59 PM

Quiet dinner on a Sunday night

My husband and I are having dinner with my best friend and her boyfriend visiting from Seattle. She used to live here but hasn't in a few years. They are big foodies and are counting on us to pick the restaurant, and we don't want to disappoint! But since we haven't seen each other in a while, I'm looking for a place where we won't feel rushed and that is not too loud. I'm considering a place like The Tasting Room or Lavagna. Any one have any suggestions along these lines? I don't need to be blown away by the food, just want a nice solid meal with good wine. Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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      ViceVersa is not open on Sunday.


      Though I think it's more upscale than the two restaurants you mention (neither of which we've been to), one of our favorites for a quiet, relaxing dinner is Fleur de Sel. Delicious contemporary French cuisine, a fine wine list, good service, and lovely ambiance.

      Tocqueville is another excellent option with those same attributes.

    2. Lavagna is great; Perbacco also has a great wine list with a wonderful sommelier. I haven't been to The Tasting Room.

      1. Fleur de Sel is wonderful; the food is terrific.
        Compass is more comfortable for four people to have a delicious meal in relaxed, spacious and quiet surroundings. Bonus: Wines are 1/2 price Sunday nights

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          Thanks so much everyone! Those are some great suggestions!