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Dec 17, 2007 06:42 PM

best way to travel with bbq as gift


Looking for some advice on taking BBQ from Austin to Indianapolis - anyone had experience with this? I plan to purchase it from a restaurant and eventually freeze it.

Would it be best to check - as in cooler in the cargo area? Guess I'll have to check the sauce - but any advice on the meat part is welcomed. Last time I froze it and carried it on in one of those foil hot/cold bags from a grocer.


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  1. My mom always freezes it and puts it in her luggage, wrapped in several layers of foil, plastic wrap and bath towels (just in case). The cargo hold is usually cooler than the cabin when the plane is in flight, so I think checking would be best, especially for a long flight.

    1. Why don't you ship it ahead of time using dry ice, etc to the location. Then, the recipient can just put it in their own freezer....

      1. I gotta go with the suggestion to let them freeze it and ship. I had great luck with Kreuz Market.

        1. Jfood used to stop at Sonny Bryans in Dallas on the way to DFW once a month and brig back lots of Q and ribs to NJ. He would bring extra Hefty Garbage bags to wrap and bring on board. Not sure if you can do this any longer (sauce will definitely get nixed for violation of 3-1-1 rule). And jfood remembers a story told to him at Sonny's in 1985 while he was waiting for them to finish the packing that he hopes will not happen to you if you chack the Q.

          A group of Japanese business men wanted to bring back 100's of pounds to Japan. They packed it up at Sonny's and went to DFW and checked it. They arrived in Japan the next day and waited at luggage for their food. Never arrived. They called Sonny and asked what might have happened. In a typical southern drawl the guy at Sonny's told him "I have no idea but I understand there was one big f'ing BBQ party at DFW last night."