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Dec 17, 2007 06:30 PM

Inexpensive dinner in/near Gtown

My uncle is having surgery at gtown hospital, and I want to take my aunt and cousin to dinner in or near georgetown. I doubt they will let me pay for dinner, so I am hoping to find something inexpensive (in the range of $10-20+ per entree?) since they are from the sticks and not used to DC prices.

I thought of Sequoia (for the view) or Old Ebbit (for the DC experience), but neither is the best food. Maybe 2 Amys just for something simple and cheap?

Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks

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  1. Pizzeria paradiso is right in Georgetown. 2 Amys is an excellent choice.

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    1. re: Steve

      I agree with Pizzeria Paradiso. Its prices are so reasonable, they won't have to pick through the menu with an eye on the cost. Split and appetizer and a few pies, and you'll do just fine.

      Another good choice would be Bonaparte, a bit higher on Wisconsin, across from Marvelous Market. Save room for a nutella crepe!

      Don't do Sequoia! It's horrid AND expensive.

      1. re: katecm

        Yes PLEASE don't eat at Sequoia. Pizzeria Paradiso is just what you are looking for.
        Also, if you like french bistro cuisine, you can go to Bistro Francais which I like. They also have an early-bird and late-bird special, which is around $25-$30 for 3 courses and a glass of wine. Great deal!

        Finally you can go to one of the 2 or 3 Vietnamesse restaurants on M St. Not sure which one is the best but I've enjoyed a meal at all of them.

    2. Only on price, but there are Clyde's and J. Paul's for that price range on M Street as well as Martin's Tavern on Wisconsin.

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        When I read this post, I first thought of Cafe Divan. It is Turkish and I am a really big fan of the baked entrees (especially the lamb there). it is reasonably priced and usually quiet enough to not be overwhelmed. The perfect part for you is that a casual walk from the hospital would take about 10 minutes. you would turn right onto Reservoir Road, take it to Wisconsin, and turn left and it is just a few blocks up. otherwise, turn left on 36th street and go through the parking lot of the art school. Enjoy!

        Cafe Divan
        1834 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007

        1. re: BookGuy

          I would second Martin's tavern. It's reasonable and good pub / comfort food and you get a little DC / G-town history lesson with your meal.

          1. re: gatorfoodie

            Oh, gosh, but the food is so bad. Martin's is adorable, and it's one of my regular bars, but beyond the steak or the mini-burgers, you're asking for trouble.

            1. re: katecm

              My husband loves the oyster stew there and we pop in whenever we're in DC. I didn't think the food was *that* bad (grin).

              Edit - was checking out the menu - I think their crabcakes are pretty good, and I also love to have breakfast there.

        2. what's that nice little friendly french place on wisconsin? i'll try and think of it. (on left as you head north...) edit: bistro lepic!

          1736 Wisconsin Ave. NW
          Washington, DC 20007

          very cool little tool: wisconsin avenue restaurants starrting from filomena on up!

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          1. re: alkapal

            I was looking through the restuarants on the tourofdc and they still have the Pleasant Pheasant on there! That place has been gone for over ten years! But it is a useful guide. Thanks for posting it.

            1. re: rumple

              rumple, yeah, it's dc-govt. site, right! let the roamer beware, i guess. useful as far as it goes. happy holidays!

          2. there is le pain quotidien. i think you could easily eat there, simple and cheap.

            but pizza is probably the best way to go. 2 Amys is too far away from Georgetown.

            if you wanna be really cheap, there's that good falafal place. mmm.

            1. Cafe Divan for Turkish, or Kotobuki for sushi. I kind of like Old Glory for barbecue on M Street, but parking will be hard.