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Dec 17, 2007 05:59 PM

Monmouth County Rest. w/fireplace?

Searching for a restaurant to have a romantic lunch in front of a fireplace.

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  1. i hope someone answers, i've search for all central nj restaurants w/ fireplaces and have found only a few -- not in monmouth cnty, sorry. metuchen inn, metuchen/catherine lombardi $$$, nb/il pomodoro, somerville/stagehouse, scotch plains and then there's the new hope ones... I seem to remember a place in rumson but I think it closed.

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      I think I remember a fireplace in one of the rooms in the restaurant on 75 South Street in Freehold. It's now called, South Street Victorian.

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        I'm pretty certain that you are correct Pink Pepper. I really like the space at South Street Victorian, just never have been too pleased with the food. I also believe that they are open for lunch per the OP's request.

    2. check this site too, they have specific information as does

      1. The Nauvoo Grill in Fair Haven has a nice room, Arts and Craft style with a fireplace that may fit your needs. If you are are looking for good food besides the atmosphere, however, you may be disappointed. Mediocre at best.

        1. Huddy's in Colts Neck(Rt.34) I believe has a fireplace. Food so-so.

          1. The Lake House in Loch Arbour has a nice fireplace but the food isn't that good.

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     (sorry, forgot to add the site above). maybe too the colts neck inn?