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Dec 17, 2007 05:43 PM

voice mail reservations?? at madeleines

i made a reservation at madeleines in pasadena, but noone would pick up the phone after several times! i guess that's their plan, for us to leave a voicemail reservation. this is my first time every making one, so i was wondering is this common for most restaurants or is there usualy someone who picks up?
also, is there any way to confirm my reservation? i feel shaky just leaving a message not knowing if they ever get to it or not.

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  1. Interestingly, I called them this afternoon to make a reservation for this weekend. Someone called me back before I left work today (thus, around 5:30 ish) to finalize the details. I guess that's how it works. I probably called between 3 an 4 o'clock.

    1. Madeleines is closed on Mondays. So if you called on Monday it’s possible no one was in the restaurant to take your call. I called them one day last week and got a prompt response. Often the best times to call is before or after the lunch and dinner rush.

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        i didnt leave my number, they probably dont have any caller id or anything to return my call huh? :(

        1. re: kickureface

          Yeah, that would make it difficult to return your call & confirm your reservation...

          They're open today (Tuesday); you should be able to reach someone, or get a quick callback.