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Dec 17, 2007 05:24 PM

Afternoon tea in Chicago?

I am trying to set up an afternoon tea for a bunch of people, and was wondering if people had suggestions? The more authentic the better.

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  1. Drake Hotel, Peninsula Hotel, Ritz Carlton Hotel, and Russian Tea Time all serve afternoon tea. See details at:

    1. I am the high tea expert.

      Peninsula is my absolute favorite. They have the best food, and unique teas.
      Ritz comes in second. They have the best atmosphere.

      I don't recommend the Drake. It's dark and drabby. I've never been to Russian Tea Time.

      1. The tea at the Peninsula is wonderful, but I'm also a fan of the Four Seasons.

        I agree that the Drake is not the place to go.

        1. Count me in as another that does not recommend the Drake. I recommend Atwood Cafe on Washington and State Streets. They serve tea between 2-4pm. Another plus, is that they are located across the street from the Christkindl Market and also walking distance to the windows at Macy's. You could make your afternoon tea into an entire day.

          1. Here's another thumbs down for the Drake. Really disappointing food and service. Even the presentation was kind of blah. Only nice thing is the harp player.

            I'm a fan of The Ritz and The Penninsula for tea.