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Jul 10, 2000 01:58 AM

Good 24 hour restaurants.

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I like Jerry's deli. Are there any others? Please, if there is a list out there somewhere, i'd like to get a look at it.


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  1. I sometimes go to Sittons on Magnolia west of Lankershim in North Hollywood. It's not really that good, but it works, and there's a pretty interesting crowd - real "only in Hollywood" people, except they're also very East Valley too... There's sometimes a suburban metalhead vibe going on.

    I used to keep a list of late night munching on my website, but it's been down for a couple years...

    1. There's really a little bit of everything out there. My notion of quality alters a tad at midnight, and these are the most obvious choices - I'm sure Pepper has more unique contributions!! :)
      Some of these may just be open real late...
      Steaks - Pacific Dining Car (downtown)
      Delis - Canter's (Fairfax) & Izzy's (Santa Monica)
      Italian - Damiano's (Fairfax)
      Thai - Toi (Hollywood)
      Coffee Shops - Pantry (downtown) & Swingers (Beverly & Santa Monica)
      Mexican - La Cabana (Venice)
      Eclectic - the standard (Sunset) & fred 62 (Los Feliz)

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        You seem to have nailed a lot of the good ones. You could add to the list Suehiro in Little Tokyo for Japanese greasy-spoon food and the Shibucho on Third near Hoover for sushi (not quite the same as Tom's beloved downtown Shibucho, but good nonetheless.) Most of Thai Hollywood is open until 4 or so: Kruang Tedd, Ruen Pair, Sanamluang, Torung. Happy Valley serves great HK-style seafood in Chinatown until 3. And Mayor Riordan's forgettable Pantry is open 24/7. I sure do miss Ship's, though.

      2. My favorite is Piper's Restaurant on Beverly and Western in Koreatown. I've been going there for 15 years. It's inexpensive and serves good old American food with some Korean dishes thrown in. Good mashed potatoes! Good turkey burgers! Good breakfast!