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Dec 17, 2007 05:14 PM


I'm looking for the closest decent food to the Sturbridge area and also for potential field trips to take for better eats in the surrounding areas. Relatively casual places are appreciated since I will be traveling with small children.

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  1. There is a nce place that would suit your needs in Sturbridge, called Rom's, its right on RT.131 I am sending you the web site, ( There is a nice place also, on Rt 131 Called the Public House.( A little higher in price. You check out the web site. On Rt.20 there is a Friendlys and there are a couple of other smaller places on Rt. 20. Not sure of there names but easily found. Hope this helps you in some small way ,and you have a good time: Earle Ct.

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      If you go to the Publick House, be sure to stop at the bakery there and get some eclairs - they are completely amazing.

    2. Roms...meh. Publick House, the bakery is absolutely the best in town, haven't eaten there in a while because it's quite pricey and the food is unreliable. Sometimes it's great. There's a newish Italian place in Southbridge, one town East, called Cousins. Run by an Italian family...son is a waiter, mama in the kitchen and so forth. Very good food. Annie's Kitchen on 131 in Sturbridge is a great down-home sort of place, very kid-friendly.

      1. If you're looking for good Italian food in a family friendly atmosphere, take a ride up to Carmella's in Brookfield ( It's way better than Rom's and very affordably priced, with a better ambience too.

        If you're looking for Chinese food then be sure to hit up Chef Sau's in Spencer ( They pride themselves with making "gourmet" chinese food but it's pretty casual with the restaurant and the prices won't drain your wallet.

        If you're willing to go to North Brookfield you might check out Arlo's North End Restaurant (no website). They smoke their own meats and make their own BBQ sauce and have some great seafood too. I'm definitely not an authority on BBQ, but theirs I find to be quite good!

        1. One town west in Brimfield there is Francesca's, very good Italian food and very family friendly. Publick House does have an amazing bakery. There is the Picadilly Pub on Rt 20, family friendly and decent food. Cracker Barrel if you don't want to take chances on unknown fare, and family friendly but the food is kind of heavy to me.