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Dec 17, 2007 05:09 PM

Rice Pudding Experts-----Help!!!

Thinking about getting creative and making Asian "inspired" rice pudding, but to take it a step further turn the rice pudding into rice balls and serving them in chinese takeout containers with chopsticks as a passed item for my holiday party.

I'd love your advice/opinion.......does this sound appealing or weird??? ....can you actually make rice pudding balls?.....what can I do to make them Asian???

Can't wait to here your thoughts!!!

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  1. Sounds like a challenge. You could make a stiff rice pudding with some coconut milk, and form it into balls after it has cooled. You could also do croquettes, which might hold together a little better after being coated and fried. Rolling the balls in white or black sesame seeds or maybe peanuts would be an option, and some nice chunks of fresh mango or caramelized pineapple would be nice in there. Can you find sticky rice? Half white and half black might look nice.

    1. You could make deep fried rice pudding balls. I think it would be too sticky otherwise.

      To make them more asian, you could fill them w/ sweetened red bean paste and maybe use coconut milk. You can make the red bean paste or buy it.

      You could also forget the rice pudding and use mochi instead for a more traditional dessert.

      1. It sounds like you are trying to create something like the Chinese new year sesame balls. I love those. I would look for the recipe for sesame balls and add the rice pudding mixture for the middle, instead of the red bean paste. I agree needing to make the rice pudding stiff, other wise it is not going to work well.

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          Cardomom pods simmered in the milk makes rice pudding very interesting...