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Dec 17, 2007 05:01 PM

Charlie Palmer Steakhouse

I have a reservation for Charlie Palmer Steakhouse and am very much looking forward to it. I will like to know what are your thoughts in regards to the steakhouse. Any items on the menu I should order (I am definitely ordering some type of steak)? Any items to stay away from? Any feedback is appreciate!

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  1. Their mushroom side is a particulary good one. I normally get a filet, but I have always liked filets. They also have very good miniburgers at the bar :) Although that might ruin your app for dinner.

    1. I enjoyed the tuna tartare appetizer, I thought the flavors were good and it was an interesting presentation. I usually get the smaller filet (5oz? I believe), I've never ordered any of the ones to share but that might be a good option too. I like the orzo side dish, but in general I would say that unless something really strikes you as something you MUST have, I'd focus more on the steak itself, rather than crowding the table with too many small (for the prices that they are) side dishes.

      Also, not sure if you are a wine drinker, but another great thing about CP is that you can bring up to 2 bottles of domestic wine for no corkage fee.

      Enjoy your meal!

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        Splure and go for one of the dry aged cuts. I also second the tuna tartare.

      2. My friends are still raving about their tuna tartar appetizer. I have yet to try it but they went CRAZY for it!! :)

        1. You might want to check out this thread; this individual had a really dire experience there just yesterday: