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Terrible hot dog at Chicory (Degraw St.)

I was excited to see that Chicory in Cobble Hill is offering a variety of decadent hot dogs, but my excitement turned quickly to remorse with the first bite. I ordered the "Martha," which comes with mashed potatoes and bacon on top.

The problem is the dog itself. The blandest dog ever. Dirty water dogs from Times Square are heavenly by comparison. The Chicory dog was just pale pink meat with no flavor, no spices, no soul. And the unseasoned, bland potatoes were a terrible idea with such a wimpy dog.

Whatever else Chicory may do well -- and I don't know, because I had never eaten their food before tonight -- stay AWAY from the hot dogs!

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  1. I've been staying away from Chicory altogether--that works for me.

    1. I can't comment on the hot dog, but I have ordered from there once and once was enough for me. The only thing I specifically remember was the baked beans, which were truly awful. I saved them just to make my boyfriend try them when he got home because I didn't think he would otherwise believe me when I told them how bad they were.

      1. Well, I am a fan of the fried chicken, the whaler sandwich, and the Spaetzle.

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          I also like their whaler and the fries and mac and cheese as well.
          But ordering from them can be annoying because they almost always forget a part of my order!

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            If I had to put it in a word, I would say Chicory is "underachieving".

        2. I lived around the corner from Chicory for about a year before moving out of state. To this day, when I return home for a visit, I always stop there for lunch. On my last trip, just last week, I had fried chicken, some tacos, and the brussel sprouts, all of which were excellent. The whaler and the spaetzle are also exemplary, as other people have mentioned. Chicory forever!

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            Chicory never!!! How hard is it to pick out a decent hot dog to offer? So lazy!

          2. I must agree with the majority of the posts, Chicory sounds like a great idea, looks the part, but almost never delivers. It’s just a really average, at best, fast food joint.

            1. Chicory has gone waaaaaaaaaay down hill. I had to practically throw away the entire order because it actually tasted bad. As soon as I opened a container of pulled pork, the smell turned me off. The quality of the meat was disgusting, tough and fatty. I used to love their spaetzel, but it completely lacked in flavor. Husband's brisket, was soaked in weird oil. Beans totally tasteless. And this is the second time that I've been disappointed by their food. In short it was a flavor recession.
              Chicory was a good concept in theory, but either their chef quit or they've gone lazy. In any case this food delivery only delivered disappointing sad meal. They're off my delivery list.

              1. to jump on this pile-on; heard such good things about the food, but so sorely disappointed with the fried chicken, with the chicken under a brick, with a couple of the other sides. what gives?? so weird.

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                  Can't resist re-piling on!

                  Even right after they opened, when the food was good, there was something very wrong with their system, by which I mean their process of taking and filling orders. We waited 45 minutes once--no exaggeration--for them to heat up and pack a take away order for 2. Nothing had to be cooked, mind you; the line person was just too in his own world doing other stuff, and no priority was given to our order even though we were standing right there fainting with hunger. This type ofexperience was typical of Chicory.

                  "Nobody cared": a proper epitaph for the moribund Chicory, which I once referred to in another post as "the little restaurant that couldn't--or didn't want to." If they're so uncaring, why do they even bother? Probably just waiting for their lease to run out...

                  1. re: Mr. Particular

                    I'm also wondering what's going on there. I think one of the guys who cooked left. I don't see the owner as much as I used to. Anyone have scoop?

                2. I agree with the majority of the posts here. I've really enjoyed Chicory's food in the past--fries were great, chicken was good--but lately it has been going downhill. Several times, I have popped in, asked for a menu item, and been informed that it's not available. Same thing every time. The guy behind the counter delivers this news like it's no big deal...almost as if I have some nerve for asking for it. And mind you, this was usually at lunchtime, not in the middle of the night.

                  But it wasn't this that turned me off the place...it wasn't the consistently rude service I got from the people who work there at night, or even the bad pulled pork sandwich I got recently (soggy, tasteless). It was the time a few weeks ago that I was starving, under the weather, and hoping to get some food delivered. I knew Chicory closed at 10, so I called at around 9:30 and asked if I could place an order for delivery. "Sure," the man on the phone said. "Can you hold?" So I did. For a long time. When he finally got back to me, I told him what I wanted--some fried chicken and a few side dishes, something like that. He repeated it back to me wrong. I told him again. "Sorry, we have a $10 minimum," he said. The order was something like $12.50--I had checked before calling, and it was clearly enough food to add up to more than $10, even without doing the math. But when I explained this to him, he kept insisting that it was only $7. Finally, after a few minutes, we got everything sorted out. "Can you hold?" he asked again. After a few MORE minutes, the guy got back on the phone and informed me that it was actually too late to place an order for delivery. He didn't even say sorry.

                  Anyway, never again.

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                    Ouch. I eat Chicory 3 days a week. I have had a couple of issues with numbskulls on the phone, but usually the girls are very nice. The dogs were amazing when they first got added to the menu, then they went way downhill quickly. I still dream about that first Martha dog though. The bricken used to be available for lunch, but ain't nomore. As I reall though, it was really good. Broccoli Rabe - really good, but oops, off the menu now. Sweet Potato Fries- killer, but oops - off the menu. The sandwiches have changed so often that I don't really know what they have now, so I'm down to a few tried and trues- Dixie Brisket on 7 grain- Danang Pulled Pork on 7 Grain, Whaler (i love that they call it that) on 7 Grain. The burgers used to be much better I think, but I don't really know...

                    I hope they start to care again, but sometimes , and like I said- I eat delivery at work often, sometimes they knock it out of the park.

                    I also like the Beet salad, but I used to like the Argentine better.

                  2. Sorry to hear about your experience. I do hope Gavin starts paying attention. I remember walking by eith my son when he was very hungry and they had the board outside with a drawing of the hot dog and he asked me for one. We went in and they were out of them! I can't understand why they had the board outside advertising them. Having said this, I think the food is usually very good. I eat their tacos all the time, both the fish and the steak are very good. I also love their buffalo sandwich and the beet salad. I have been dissapointed by orders missing jalapenos or forgetting something though. Their fried chicken and fries are delicious though, I must say. I hope it does not go downhill because it is one of the few places I order from.