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Dec 17, 2007 04:40 PM

Terrible hot dog at Chicory (Degraw St.)

I was excited to see that Chicory in Cobble Hill is offering a variety of decadent hot dogs, but my excitement turned quickly to remorse with the first bite. I ordered the "Martha," which comes with mashed potatoes and bacon on top.

The problem is the dog itself. The blandest dog ever. Dirty water dogs from Times Square are heavenly by comparison. The Chicory dog was just pale pink meat with no flavor, no spices, no soul. And the unseasoned, bland potatoes were a terrible idea with such a wimpy dog.

Whatever else Chicory may do well -- and I don't know, because I had never eaten their food before tonight -- stay AWAY from the hot dogs!

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  1. I've been staying away from Chicory altogether--that works for me.

    1. I can't comment on the hot dog, but I have ordered from there once and once was enough for me. The only thing I specifically remember was the baked beans, which were truly awful. I saved them just to make my boyfriend try them when he got home because I didn't think he would otherwise believe me when I told them how bad they were.

      1. Well, I am a fan of the fried chicken, the whaler sandwich, and the Spaetzle.

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        1. re: Carol Gardens

          I also like their whaler and the fries and mac and cheese as well.
          But ordering from them can be annoying because they almost always forget a part of my order!

          1. re: venezuelan

            If I had to put it in a word, I would say Chicory is "underachieving".

        2. I lived around the corner from Chicory for about a year before moving out of state. To this day, when I return home for a visit, I always stop there for lunch. On my last trip, just last week, I had fried chicken, some tacos, and the brussel sprouts, all of which were excellent. The whaler and the spaetzle are also exemplary, as other people have mentioned. Chicory forever!

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          1. re: Dairy Queen

            Chicory never!!! How hard is it to pick out a decent hot dog to offer? So lazy!

          2. I must agree with the majority of the posts, Chicory sounds like a great idea, looks the part, but almost never delivers. It’s just a really average, at best, fast food joint.