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Bastide or Lucques?

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I'm going to do one of the two, so which one do you think is better? (i imagine both have some type of wine pairing meal?)

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  1. I love Lucques, but they're in different leagues. There's no question, I'd choose Bastide any time by any measure (except maybe cost).

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    1. re: Renault78law

      And as long as you have time for a round of golf...er 4 hours for dinner.

      1. re: Servorg

        i got all the time in the world haha....i figured the answer is bastide, but just wanted to check b/c a couple i know raved about lucques, which sounded great, but bastide sounds special

      2. re: Renault78law

        any other recs comparable to bastide? (similar atmosphere / food / wine) they're booked the night i want to go, so im going to have to go somewhere else

        1. re: Lau

          You might consider Ortolan (3rd near Sweetzer), Providence (Melrose near Wilcox) or Sona (La Cienega near Beverly), all of which have been the subject of numerous posts here.

          1. re: New Trial

            so all of them have reservations available (ortolan, providence, sona)...which do u guys think is best? and when i say best i mean food, being a good place to take a girl and wine list

            1. re: Lau

              I'm a girl and I'd choose the tasting menu at Providence.

              1. re: mollyomormon

                I second that. Both being a girl and choosing PRovidence.

      3. Ok between Ortolan, Providence and Sona. Hands down Sona! You get the complete package, what a great experience.

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            Sona is overrated. Lucques is a good choice for a date, not to mention the prices at Lucques are better AND you're getting far superior food. Remember kids - more $$ doesn't mean better food.

            1. re: The Sauce

              does lucques have a wine pairing option?

          2. re: Sam L.

            Providence for above and beyond the "complete package"!

          3. I vote for Ortolan.

            If you are looking for possibly the best "French" food in the city, Ortolan is the place. Fantastic dishes, impressive cooking, well-seasoned, great ingredients, etc.

            1. The reason I pick Ortolan over Providence is because of a small, small reason: as a date destination, it's easy to walk around before or after and stroll. There are lots to see on 3rd Street, especially earlier in the evening. Little Next Door is now open until 9:30pm so you can get your cafe fix also.

              That being said, if none of that matters, then yeah, Providence.

              1. Haven't been to Ortolan or Sona yet. So between Lucques and Providence: Lucques is fun casual homey great comforting quality food romantic; Providence more austere serious food fine-dining romantic. Lucques does not do a formal tasting menu or wine pairing. Providence does. Everything at Lucques will be simple, direct delicious. Much at Providence will be a bit intellectual, some genius, some off. For my money, unless the girl is a real foodie, for a date, Lucques hands down. (I went on first date with my now wife to Lucques)

                1. I've never been to Bastide, but I've been to Luques and it really wasn't a place I'd highly recommend to anyone for anything other than the cozy atmosphere and nuts and olives at the beginning. I'd maybe give it another chance, but I ordered the "must order" dishes there like the pulled pork and was sorely disappointed. It's not that the food was bad, just only "so so." But I might be a little biased, as I'm more into the Chinese version of pulled pork which in my mind is leaps and bounds better than that whatever I had at Luques. It was a rather unmemorable experience, though I do remember the hot chocolate I had the end was a really "fun" and yummy dessert. Maybe I'll go back for the hot chocolate one of these days..

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                  1. re: mstinawu

                    I love Lucques, but admit not everything I've had there was amazing. Went to their barbecue summer extravaganza a couple years ago, or whatever they call it, and was disappointed by almost everything. Have had several of the fish dishes and been disappointed, too, even though many say fish is their best stuff. However, I adore the short ribs, I think they're the best in town, and I love the steak for two, have had it many, many times, and always been extremely happy. Cut is for me the only steak in town that rivals it.

                    1. re: la tache burger

                      Yes, I remember the fish being really greasy and that was about it. Water Grill for fish. Yum!

                    2. re: mstinawu

                      Don't recall them having a pulled pork entree (or appetizer for that matter). Their roast suckling pig has been reviewed favorably here more than a few times over the years. Is that the dish you're referring to?

                      1. re: Servorg

                        Oh yea, the suckling pig. It reminded me of pulled pork like in a sloppy joe or something. Haha~ That's probably why I didn't like it.