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Jul 6, 2000 07:16 PM

Portugese Food

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I just moved to LA from Boston. Although LA beats Boston on food from almost every ethnicity, the one category I haven't been able to find here is Portugese food. Now, I'm not insanely in love with Portugese food in general, but I do like their grilled chicken with fried potatoes. Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. There haven't really been Portuguese restaurants in L.A. for the last decade or so, with the exception of a couple of sandwiches at the Portazil bakery in Artesia. Even the one Cape Verdean place closed.

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    1. re: Pepper

      Wow. That's kinda hard to believe. Admittedly, when none showed up upon searching Jonathan Gold's columns I suspected as much - given that it seems he's basically been everywhere.

      1. re: Dylan Y
        Kass O'Leigh

        If Pepper says it, I'd deem it to be true. He's shown a level of knowledge that many of us consider on a par with that of Jonathan Gold himself.

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          This will not be helpful but this thread inspires me. Does anyone know Pao in Manhattan? It was about my favorite place three, four years ago. I heard it had gone downhill. I also miss Portuguese food, and wine, here in LA.

          And I had assumed Pepper was a she, Kass. Pepper?


    2. ALthough you posted this a while ago, I thought if you checked back, you might think of going to a portuguese festa somewhere in the area if you just want the chicken and pototoes. A good website with info is
      As well, you might try contacting the chino chamber of commerce for a lead to one of the portuguese american groups there (once a large portuguese community, working mostly in dairies).
      Good luck.