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Dec 17, 2007 04:14 PM

Is the Brant House good for a date?

thinking of taking a girl to the Brant House for dinner and dancing, is the food/atmosphere good? What does it compare to?
Thank you in advance for your kind assistance

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  1. The food is alright at brant house. I had 2 very bad experiences because of over salted dishes. The lighting is dark, and it tends to get quite loud in there. Any intimacy is lost in my opinion, but the party afterwards is like no other.

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    1. re: Suresh

      Suresh- curious to hear why you think "the party afterwards is like no other" at the Brant. I went to Maro a few months ago, and all I thought was "Wow, this party is exactly like the one at the Brant House".

    2. The food was quite good the night I went, but the servings are small. The night I was there for dinner, my friend and I spent about $160 on 4 appetizers, a salad, and 2 drinks IIRC. I think our shrimp appetizer, consisting of 3 or 4 medium sized shrimp, was somewhere around $16. These dishes were balanced on a tiny table that couldn't actually fit all the dishes, even though they were the trendy narrow rectangles that take up less space than traditional round plates.

      I would describe the after-dinner scene as a bit of a meat market. The space is a little cavernous, not exactly romantic.

      The tables for dinner are either on the dance floor or along the walls where the VIP sections are. At 9:30 or so, about an hour after we arrived, we were asked to get up from the VIP booth where we had been served, so the VIPs could have their spot free. They didn't show up until well after 11, so I really didn't understand why Brant wouldn't have let us sit until the table was needed. We ended up standing around until the club packed up and people actually started to dance.

      For the amount of money you'd be spending, I think you're better off eating somewhere else on King West, and showing up for the dancing later on. Places like Crush, Brassai, Susur, Lee, Thuet, Rodneys are all better options for your money. Haven't been to the Jacob's & Co Steakhouse across the street, but I think that would also be a better place for the dinner part of the date.

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      1. re: phoenikia

        The negative reviews here

        pretty much match my memory of the one time I was dragged to this place. On the other hand, this could be exactly the kind of place your date is into!

      2. I second CRUSH WINE BAR!
        Great food, staff, nice atmosphere....
        much better choice for a date! :):)