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Dec 17, 2007 03:47 PM

Any suggestions for last minute holiday party in Manhattan?


We are in a bit of a crunch -- we decided last minute to throw a holiday party for the office....any suggestions to a nice warm, intimate place for good food. Money is no object, but the food should probably be on the conservative side -- say Italian or American or New American, and hopefully a place that can fit at least 30 people with either a separate room or a few large tables put together -- we are willing to celebrate after Xmas, but hopefully before the New Year. ANYWHERE in the general area of Manhattan (below 96st) would be nice. Great food and great service would be a plus!

Thanks so much in Advance!

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  1. Try Tocqueville-lovely private dining room.

    1. I went to a holiday party at Italian Wine Merchants a few years ago that was excellent. The food was a full antipasto bar with cheeses and house cured meats, pastas essentially cooked to order while we mingled and a couple of entrees as well. For drinks, they set up 6-8 different wines that you could try during the course of the party with a sommelier always there to give tasting notes and answer any questions. It is one of the best holiday events I have been to.