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Jul 6, 2000 05:26 PM

BBQ that is not a take -out

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I am in need of a good place for some " Q " that is not a take-out restaurant. I want to take my brother-in-law out and I told him of Phillip's but remembered that it is not an eat-in kind-of-a-place.....So PUHLEEZE e-mail me or post a place to go to!!!!! We would rather go into the hood than the valley.....

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  1. I've seen a new place on pico on the west side. I think it's called california bbq. looks cute. anyone try it yet? it's near centinella and pico.

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    1. re: elisha

      Sorry, it's the Valley but Dr. Hoggly Woggly on Sepulveda has some killer meats. The sides are only okay, good beans, but the brisket and pork leg are yum-o-rama.

    2. Sit down BBQ in Los Angeles that is edible.
      The Best sit down I've found in LA:

      Dem Bones in Santa Monica, on Santa Monica BLVD (good sides).
      Johnny Rebs in Long beach on Long Beach BLVD (Carolina BBQ, good pork, great atmosphere).
      For upscale, JR for Ribs in Beverly Hills, OK BBQ, great salad bar for those non meat eater.

      Best BBQ that I have found in LA, takeout is Jay Bee's in Carson? on Avalon BLVD, but it is takeout,.

      I am from Arkansas and am always on the lookout for good BBQ.

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      1. re: Gerald

        You are generous: I have never found sit-down barbecue worthy of the name in Los Angeles: Phillips', Woody's, Gadberry's, Jay-Bee's and Mom's, which are by far the best in the area, are strictly takeout, as was the late, sainted Mr. Jim's. Johnny Reb's does have its virtues, but barbecue is not among them.