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Dec 17, 2007 03:46 PM

Reasonable Tasting Menu

I am having dinner in the city for my birthday next month with my parents and an Aunt and Uncle, and possible another guest. I'd like to go somewhere with a tasting menu as I am terribly indecisive, and nothing is more pleasant to me than having my dinner decided before I arrive. I've had the marvelous tasting menus at Babbo and Felidia and Le Bernadin and other spots, but I am hoping to find something a little less costly since I am not paying. I am not looking for an inexpensive meal, but I'd prefer not to exceed 150$ per person.
French or Italian and idea, but I am open to pretty much anything.

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  1. I've eaten at Eleven Madison Park for less than $150. You'll have to see what their current tasting menu is, though.

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      The tasting menu at Eleven Madison is the 11-course Gourmand menu, and it costs $145. If KP intends the $150 to cover the entire meal, i.e., food, drinks, tax & tip, obviously, EMP's tasting menu will not fit that budget.

      An option that would better fit that budget is the 6-course tasting menu at Fleur de Sel, which costs $89. We've been there often and have had many tasting dinners, all of which have been superb. The wine list is excellent, service is pleasant and professional, and the small, cozy space has very attractive decor.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. The menus both look wonderful.

    2. Bouley has a tasting menu for $90 ($160 with wine pairings). You will still need to make some selections unless you leave the decisions to them but it is a beautifully decadent space with outstanding food and wonderful service. We were just there on Saturday night,had the degustation menu and it now ranks as one of our top meals.

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        Great to hear! Bouley is on my list of options.

      2. Telepan on UWS has the following tasting menu options:

        4 Course Tasting Menu $64, with wine $100 (one from each, dessert); 5 Course Tasting Menu $74, with wine $120 (one from each, cheese, dessert); $5 supplement for substitute mid course, $7 supplement for substitute entrée

        Del Posto offers the best bargain in the city with their delicious 4-course enoteca tasting menu at $45 pp. Wine pairing also available. The place is stunningly grand and beautiful, so it will be great to bring older people for dinner.

        Blue Hill's tasting menu is only around $70, so depending on what you drink, you should be able to get a meal at around $150. However, the tables are set up very closely together, so it may be a bit crowded if that matters to you and your relatives.

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          I totally forgot about Blue Hill. Thank you! I think that might be the winner.

        2. i havent had it but the tasting menu at annisa is pretty cheap...i think around $60-65. It's usually a romantic spot but a table of 5 wouldnt feel uncomfortable at all.