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Dec 17, 2007 03:41 PM

Eats in White Center?

I have a friend in town who's staying in White Center. Thinking we might grab lunch there later htis week. Looks like there are tons of places to eat, what's good?*

*we will also be going thrift store shopping, so no, dives are not a problem--we're just after great food!

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  1. You're right, White Center (aka Rat City) does have a variety of choices. Some pho places down there are great. And as for the taco trucks and hispanic food places, I've always done best to not order from the menu but ask for recommendations or point to someone else's dish and ask for some of that. When I stop at the Salvadorean Bakery down there, I order what others in line are ordering and am always satisfied with it (even if I don't know exactly what 'it' is).

    If you're anywhere near Westwood Village, check out Eats Market Cafe.

    If you go so far as Burien, check out the Tin Room for yummy drinks and food. And then nearby B-Town Scoop is serious ice cream goodness.

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      Tomorrow's the big shopping day. Thanks for the tip on Tin Room, GG, but I think we're looking for sometihng more effnic. Will try TR on a future adventure though!!!

      Anyone else got good ideers for stuff to eat 9or good ethnic grocery stores) in WC? Thx!!

    2. I've heard great things about Rosticeria & Carniceria El Paisano on 15th, especially the carnitas, the goat, and the seafood cocktails.
      Another noteworthy taco place is Taqueria Del Rio. Cafe Rozella, which I have visited, is a cool little place that serves as a sort of hub for local writers and musicians.