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Dec 17, 2007 03:27 PM

The Best Pork Dish in SoFla?

I gotta admit, like Emril says: "Pork Fat Rules!" Was wondering what the hounds would vote for as the best pork dish in SoFla. Does not have to have fat, but then again, some probably wouldn't be bad either!

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  1. I know it may be on the simple side but I love a good Cuban marinated pork. Even more so if they cook the whole cuban style like for Noche Buena. The flavors are fantastic.


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    1. re: RibDog

      Quite honestly Rib, thats my fav too. Lechon asado, or better yet, the whole pig done right in a caja china. Oh my, die and go to pig heaven lol.

      Gotta admit that good baby backs rank up there as well but not easy to find down here. Hopefully will hear from other pork hounds and do a 2008 pig fest tasting trip :).

      1. re: eatnbmerry

        I too am craving for the Cuban pork that comes out of the caja china! I wonder if there's any restaurant in Miami that sells pork done this way, especially considering it is Cuban Noche Buena season.

        1. re: mialebven

          Wow Mia,

          Would love to know if anybody does do it that way (its so juicy)! Would reserve my piggy right now :). Lets hope a fellow hound comes to the rescue.

    2. Let see, for me the roasted Berkshire pork at Michael's Genuine in the design district is pretty good. It's a nice twist on Chinese pork stew with five spice. It certainly brought back a memory of my childhood in Thailand.

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      1. re: Rimtalay


        From what I hear from other hounds it sounds like Michael is very hot and good right now. Might have to breakdown and head over to the DD(only kidding Net, Frod, et al). W

        1. re: eatnbmerry

          Take a taxi. You wouldn't want to park your car in that neighborhood.

          1. re: lax2mia


            How did you know I drive a pimped out Bentley :)!

            BTW, just for the record, I've "hounded" Monterey Park, Pomona, Inglewood, TJ, the Tenderloin and Mission Districts, Hunter's Point, both Harlems, Washington Heights (go Yankees), etc.. Usually only to be able to enjoy "authentic" multi-cultural cuisines (which for someone who hates to fly is one of the few ways to experience the diversity in our world's foods).

            So neighborhoods don't scare or turn me off, overpriced/overrated food/bad and indifferent service do. Michael's doesn't appear to fit that bill based on what I have read thus far from other hounds, so power to him. May he keep it going as the neighborhood hopefully "gentrifies" like Netmover stated in a thread "a long time ago in a galaxy far far away":).

            As for me, it's always nice to find another area where me and my Bentley can hang and chow!

      2. I meant to mention that along with traditional lechon, Masitas de Puerco Frita (literally fried pork chunks (so much for cubans dressing up the menu language LOL)) and Paticas a la Andaluza (Pig's Feet) are right up there for me as well. The last two are done reasonably well at Islas Canarias on Coral Way and 130 something in SW Miami (which I like better than the original place on 27th Ave).

        1. I know I mentioned this in a prior post but the pork loin in port sauce with pears at Grazianos is wonderful. Yeah...can't resist Cuban lechon with the crispy skin!

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          1. re: cubelle

            Will have to try the loin but dang I'm salivating thinking bout that cripy skin!

          2. I love all of these. I just depends what mood I'm in.
            Jerked Pork Chop
            With Guava Bacardi Spice Rum Sauce and South American Moros,
            Topped with Drunken Raisins and Tropical Fruit Flambé
            SIAM LOTUS ROOM
            Nam Sod
            Minced lean pork infused in a sauce of fresh ginger, lime juice, onions, hot pepper
            and roasted peanuts. Served on a bed of green salad
            BEACH BAR-B-QUE
            The Carolina 'Piggie' Authentic & tender 'Carolina Style' pork, mixed with our peppered vinegar 'Piggie' sauce then topped with spicy chopped slaw
            Roasted baby suckling pig, with mirto and rosemary

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            1. re: 2top

              Nice suggestions! TY 2top.

              How is the Sardinia piggy presented?

              1. re: eatnbmerry

                Sardinia gives you the ribs and the area below, served with a salad I recall. Have not had it in a while. It is good, but I would eat other things there.

              2. re: 2top

                Where is Beach Bar-B-Q? I'm dying for some Carolina style pork!! TY

                1. re: kmills9408

                  1555 Washington Ave, Miami Beach; 305-538-7201
                  and soon to be also located @ 125th Street on Biscayne Blvd.