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Dec 17, 2007 03:11 PM

Zen Asian Bistro in Bellevue

Has anyone tried the place? I have been a few times and each time I have enjoyed it! Before the meal they give you a soup, edamame and tea. The place has a nice atmosphere and great food. Anyone tried it?

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  1. its bomb. love the sushi, some of the freshest and best tasting around IMO. if you like rolls the price may turn you off at first....but then you realize the thing is over a foot long....a meal unto itself....ridiculous... :)

    Also, the noodles are very good - my date had the drunken noodles and i got a couple bites in...

    1. We didn't like it at all. The sushi was okay, but the wasabi was a joke. It took a big glob of it to get any of the horseradish burn at all. Tea was luke warm as was our overall impression.

      The curry we had was passable, but nothing special.

      1. meh.
        Went for lunch. Got some noodle dishes.
        Fun atmosphere and good presentation.
        Kinda pricey for what it is, though.

        Didn't get sushi though.
        So maybe I'll get that next time.

        1. Zen's Sushi is great! Their presentation in food is spectacular. This is a much needed type of restaurant in Downtown Bellevue. We have lots of Sushi restaurants that are conveyor belt style, but don't have nice interiors. This place you can expect to have a fun intimate night out.

          Make sure you Zen Specialty rolls, they are great!

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            I only know of 1 conveyor belt sushi place in Bellevue. Some others (with better food and service) with the nice interior that you speak of include:
            -Yama at the Galleria
            -I Love Sushi (in a new location on Lake Bellevue)

            I'll take any of these before ever going back to Zen.

            1. re: ethereal

              I never limited what I said to Bellevue, but the Sushi places in Bellevue are usually poor quality. There is really an opportunity for a place like Zen in Downtown Bellevue!

              I went there just recently again, and tried a Thai dish this time, and was impressed with different flavor that the Thai food had.

              I was searching the web and saw that they are open late until 2am on Friday and Saturday nights!:


          2. I tried it and loved it! I'm sitting here writing this reply and getting a craving for their sushi!! Their sushi rolls may look expensive, but you get large portions with fresh and tasty ingredients. The presentation of the food is impressive too. I ordered one dish, can't remember the name of it, but it came on a flaming platter! Very cool...and yummy!! Go there!