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Dec 17, 2007 03:08 PM

Passion fruit puree?

I've got a couple of recipes that ask for it but I've never heard of such a beast. Has anyone seen it in Montreal?

The recipes are:

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  1. Huh, that's a toughie - probably something readily available at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's in the states. No matter how foodwise this City is, Canadian grocery stores will never compare to American ones. Is it a sin to covet another's Whole Foods or Trader Joe's???

    I can't even imagine making a puree out of passion fruit as the edible part consists largely of those black/grey bobbly thing.

    Good luck!

    1. I seem to recall seeing something like this in the frozen section of latin american grocery stores, in particular Supermarche Andes on St. Laurent. But it isn't called passion fruit puree, they use the spanish/latin american name for it... I'll try to check the next time i am nearby...

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        One of the recipes gives the Latin-American name:

        passion-fruit (maracuyá) purée such as Goya

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          I might be near one tomorrow, I'll take a look. Thanks!

        2. I'm not sure they have passion fruit puree, but there is a brand of frozen tropical fruit purees sold in most Latin grocery stores in Montreal. I think it's called Canoa, and I know they have a lot of different purees available. They even carry some at Akhavan if you live nearby, though selection isn't as good as at the latin stores.

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            Argh! I was at Akhavan yesterday and didn't think to look for it. Rats!

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              Canoa fruit purees can be found in the frozen food sections of most Asian and Latin American groceries. If you're lucky you might even find it at your local supermarket. They're very good. I buy their tamarind and soursop purees on a regular basis.

            2. I saw frozen fruit puree at the Latin-American grocer on Belanger a few streets east of St Denis the other day. Not sure if they had passion fruit though.

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                I'm not positive whether they have passion fruit puree, but I bought the frozen tamarind puree at this store, and it was close to unacceptable. it did not bear much resemblance to the tamarind puree I make from the dried pulp/seeds packets. It didn't have nearly enough sweet/sour/pucker-up to it.

              2. Yay, thanks for those links! I have a passionfruit fan in my home, these'll come in handy.
                For the puree- they have bags of fruit puree at Latin stores, in the frozen foods section, which usually comes from Colombia. They also sell large blocks of it (beautifully packaged in France) at Aubut, again in the frozen foods section.

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                  I found the frozen Canoa fruit purees at Supermarche Andes on St. Laurent. They have Passion fruit and "Sweet passion fruit". I don't know what the difference is, but you have the choice! I suspect most LAtin Americcan stores will carry this stuff. S. Andes is not exactly big...