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Jul 5, 2000 03:25 PM

Hollywood Blvd. Thai: report from Vim

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It’s hard to add something new to a place that’s been written about so much, but I’ll try. I visited Vim last night for the first time, and was quite pleased. I hadn’t read a word about the place beforehand, and had no idea what to expect. My knowledge of Thai food is extremely limited, so I was surprised to see so many familiar offerings.

The menu seems inhospitable to vegetarians, but we asked to substitute tofu for meat in all the dishes, and the waiter politely accommodated this request.

The pad thai and the flat noodles were good – though not as spicy as we’d hoped, even though we asked to make it spicy. We were in the mood for a red curry and asked if they could make a dish of vegetables in red curry. A bad idea? The result was delicious, but not at all red curry.

The glass noodle soup was the only disappointment: neither spicy nor especially flavorful. Perhaps ordering it with tofu was a fool’s errand. With a dozen or so soups on the menu, i suspect this was not the best choice. All the more reason to return and try again. What soups do folks recommend?

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  1. Vim is good, but it is very basic, and challenging it with your vegetarianism is probably not the way to coax the best results out of the restaurant. If a soup is usually based on a meat or fish stock (the hot-sour shrimp soup and chicken-coconut soup are the usual calls there), it's just not going to taste as good stripped of the essence of animal. Try instead Mae Ploy, a Thai restaurant in Silver Lake that specializes in vegetarian fare.