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Dec 17, 2007 02:54 PM

Vegan homemade gifts.

Does anyone have any ideas on vegan or vegetarian homeade gifts? I have some parties for the season and I wanna make some hostess gifts that all could enjoy. Thanks

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  1. I like the recipes on this site:

    I've made the brownies, pumpkin oatmeal cookies and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. And these chocolate dipped hazelnut biscotti are good. I didn't make them but did ask for the recipe when someone else brought them to a potluck:

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      first, as a vegan with firsthand experience of receiving gifts that i need to hand-off, i think it's quite nice that you are sensitive enough to consider the dietary needs of your recipients. next, i second the pumpkin oatmeal cookies. i've made them on many occasions and they are flavorful, chewy and no one guesses that they are made without animal products.

      this site design drives me nuts, but clark grogan's vegan recipes are very good and seem to be thoroughly tested:

      here are some other vegan food gifts that i have given:
      • spiced walnuts (cumin, chili powder, coriander and a bit of cayenne
      )• fresh fig spread
      • rosemary sea salt
      • roasted tomatoes in olive oil
      • vanilla-scented sugar
      • preserved lemons
      • hot cocoa in a jar (see
      )• pickled green beans (perfect to create a "bloody mary" kit - just add tomato juice, lime and vodka!)
      • supereasy strawberry or peach jam (use whatever is seasonal/local to you right now)
      • marinated mushrooms (i love the recipe for polish pickled mushrooms in "the joy of pickling." someone posted it here:
      )• pickles (cucumbers, grapes, onions)
      • marinara sauce

      good links for general food gifts that can be veganized:
      • sunset magazine:
      • the kitchn: (i'm thinking of making the gumdrops
      )• food & wine:
      • bbc's good food:

      email me if you'd like any recipes!

      good luck and happy holidays!

      1. re: wowimadog

        The preseverd lemons and the bloody mary kits sound like winners. I'd appreciate the recipes if possible... thanks

        1. re: rozz01

          great! for the preserved lemons, i think i (fairly faithfully) followed bauer's recipe and instructions here:

          for the bloody mary kit, i used the green beans recipe from "the joy of pickling," but i understand that i'm not allowed to post it here or offer to send it to you. the recipe is "zydeco green beans" on page 110 of the book. for the basket, i'd include the pickled beans, a few limes, a bottle of tomato juice (i like knudsen's organic very veggie low-sodium), celery salt to rim the glass, maybe frank's red hot - and of course, some excellent vodka. i recommend hangar one, belvedere or ketel one. you could also throw in a few highball glasses, cocktail picks and cloth cocktail napkins if you're feeling particularly generous! for a personal touch, i always like to include a recipe for the drink as well. enjoy!

            1. re: wowimadog

              I made the bloody mary kits, mimosa kits as well. Thanks everyone for the aid!!

          1. re: wowimadog

            I didn't look at the other recipes, but I looked at the hot cocoa in a jar recipe you posted and it is not vegan. Powdered milk is not vegan, and though there are vegan chocolate chips, just having a recipe calling for chocolate chips means it will be unlikely a person would think to buy vegan chocolate chips, especially if the person isn't vegan and is just following a recipe that says something is vegan. But, even if they get vegan chocolate chips, the powdered milk going into the jar would still make it not vegan.

        2. Nicely packaged homemade granola. I just made a variation from this master recipe - - and it was incredible. For the flavouring, I used grated orange, and the extra was slivered almonds. It would go well with dried cranberries, too. But as you'll see, there are a zillion different possibilities!

          1. How about peanut (or other nut) brittle? It's a great homemade food gift that just happens to be vegan, if you use one of the recipes that doesn't call for butter (or maybe substitute margarine in one that does).

            1. Jellies and Jams would be good. I made red wine and jalapeno jellies this year.

              Homemade mustards are good too.

              1. Spiced nuts make great host[ess] gifts. Some recipes call for egg whites, some use melted butter, but many use oil, and oil could easily be substituted in those that use butter; just use a neutral oil or one that complements the flavors of the nuts or the seasonings used. And avoid recipes calling for honey, of course, if you're wanting to make them vegan.