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Dec 17, 2007 02:52 PM

Suggestions for restaurants on Christmas Day

I was suppose to be back home for the holidays but unfortunately, I'm stuck in the city for Christmas. On the bright side, a couple of friends from out of town will be visiting and I'm thinking of bringing them to a nice, relatively inexpensive restaurant. I know this is a longshot but apart from chinese food, is there anywhere else that's open with a nice ambience and good food??

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  1. I think you may have to settle for Chinese, that is de riguer on Christmas day.

    1. La Mangeoire (French-53rd & 2nd) has a $40. prix fixe from noon 'til evening. I think the menu is on their website. I don't know if you consider that inexpensive enough. You'll have to add drinks, taxes & tip.

      1. The Maze Gordon Ramsay will have a five-course Christmas Day menu. Not sure it's "relatively inexpensive" though. Depends on where your friends are from. Did you check

        See also:

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          Thanks for the links, I haven't heard of OpenTable before but it looks like a lifesaver! My friends have been on a roadtrip through the US and are heading back to HongKong.. that's why Chinese food wasn't really on the top of my list and they're down to their last few pennies ;) we might go with Spain as suggested in the amny link...thanks!

        2. I don't know how helpful this is, but all Jean Georges restaurants are open on Christmas - the least expensive probably being Spice Market (which, as a family style menu, can be kept to a reasonably low cost) but also includes Mercer Kitchen and Perry Street.
          I went to the Cupping Room Cafe on West Broadway for brunch a few Christmases ago - it's lovely but the food is terrible.
          And don't forget hotels! They're open every day of the year! A lot of nice hotels have super fancy restaurants attached to them, but you might try calling some mid-priced hotels - ie- Black Duck in the Park Avenue Hotel on 28th and Park, Thor in the Hotel on Rivington, Gemma in the Bowery Hotel. Good luck!

          1. I went to the Odeon in Tribeca for dinner on Christmas a few years ago. Good food, good crowd, friendly service and reasonable prices - not cheap, but reasonable. They also had a really good buche de noel special dessert that night.