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Dec 17, 2007 02:46 PM

Hawks - Granite Bay, CA

Have any Sacramento Chowhounds made it here yet? They got the first 5-star nod from the SN&R, and their review was stellar. I am curious to see if Waterboy has some serious foothill competition.

5530 Douglas Blvd, Granite Bay, CA 95746

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  1. No, I've never been...but I have a comment: both DH and I have lived in the Sacramento area at various times in our lives, and neither of us have the slightest idea EXACTLY where Granite Bay is. The Douglas Blvd. address makes me think its somewhere near I close? Is that a neighborhood or a town?? The restaurant's website has a lovely portal, but I couldn't find directions anywhere on it AND the menu pdfs wouldn't load....

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      Granite Bay is indeed north east of Roseville. It also fronts Folsom Lake. So it's kind of between Roseville and Folsom Lake.

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        if you follow douglas blvd all the way through roseville on the way to folsom lake you'll pass it

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          The menu looks incredible.....I got it to load no problem......Mike Dunne has also reviewed this place before....

          Granite Bay is from Folsom Dam Road to Loomis, Auburn North to South, and Sierra College BLVD to Folsom Lake east To West.

          This place is on Douglas between Sierra College and Auburn Folsom on the South side of the road in a new and very very upscale shopping center.

          As long as we have a Granite bay specicic thread going, there are a few other gems here, Granito's. 20 seat trattoria East of Auburn Folsom on Douglas. great place. GARLIC CITY! I love it, Menu changes daily, fresh ingedients and a very family atmosphere.

          Next door is Laskeside Wines and Liquors. Great wine shop. Tastings on the weekend.

          Fins Seafood. Corner of Sierra College and Douglas (Bel Air Center). Kind of a New England fish shop. Not much adventue int he cooking but ffor old school it is great.

          Dominicks Deli and food. Auburn Folsom and Douglas on Douglas (S). Great Italian food market and the deli cannot be beat.

          Mark And Monica's Pizza(same center). GREAT SPORTS BAR! Might be the best in Sacramento area. HUGE. 5 big screens, table side TV's, 10 sets over the bar etc. Really good pizza , bar food. Some specials that are great.

          1. re: bennyboy1

            My sister and BIL have lived in Granite Bay for 20 years and I've watched the area explode in growth and popularity. I've even learned the shortcuts for avoiding Douglas Blvd. ;-). I forwarded my sister the link above yesterday and asked if they've eaten at Hawk's but have not heard back yet.

            I'll also give a resounding two thumbs up for Granito's and Fins. Have also had very good luck with breakfast at the Bernardo Cafe, or is it Cafe Bernardo. I actually like shopping at the Ralley's on Douglas and (I think) Auburn Folsom.

            Come this Friday I'll be in Granite Bay, thanks for the suggestions on places to try.

        2. Here is what my sister who lives in Granite Bay has to say about this place. She and her husband have eaten there 3 times.

          We've eaten here three times, twice in the dining room and once at the
          bar. It is pretty good, food-wise. Pat doesn't really like the
          atmosphere as it is done in pale teal. He really likes a warm
          environment and this is more contemporary then warm. It is also noisy in
          the main dining room. But they have two smaller dining rooms that are
          much quieter and seem warmer probably because they are more intimate.
          The view out the back is nice if you go before the sun goes down.

          The main dining room is a combination of tables (mostly) and booths. We
          haven't sat in a booth yet so it may be quieter in the booth than out on
          the main floor at a table. The booths have high-backs so they might
          block the noise.

          The bar is kind of fun. It is made from dark wood and the bar top is
          really wide so it is easy to eat there. You can get a hamburger for
          $12.00 and it is really good. You can tell the meat is very high
          quality. So, that is how we ended up in the bar. We wanted to grab a
          quick meal one night last week, wearing jeans, so we went in there.

          The food is good, certainly better than chain restaurants, but I have
          probably had better in other restaurants. However, for Granite Bay and
          certainly, Sacramento, it is up there in quality and taste. I had their
          short ribs which were really good. There was no bone in the meat and it
          wasn't very fatty either but it was in a really good sauce with brussels
          sprouts. Pat had halibut in some kind of green herbs and a sauce. It was
          really good, too. However, I wasn't impressed with their bread service.
          Desserts were good but not spectacular. Pat did have French press coffee
          and it was excellent. So that meal cost about $175.00 total with tip and
          we each had a main course (the ones described above), a salad (2),
          dessert (2), French press coffee and wine (the bottle described below)
          so I didn't think that was too bad, price-wise.

          The wine list is reasonable. You can find a good bottle without breaking
          the bank, which is really hard to do in San Francisco. The first night
          we had a Pinot that was only about $40 and it was good. The second time
          we had a Madrigal Petite Syrah for $55 and it was outstanding.

          How did you hear of this little place all the way down in San Diego?

          1. I haven't been to Hawks yet but I am going with some friends this weekend.

            As far as some of the other suggestions:

            Granitos - give it a miss! I have heard it is under new ownership but have not been back since one of the worst and most expensive meals I have ever had! Save your money there are much better places around.

            Dominic's - Outstanding! Arrive hungry as the portions are HUGE! The deli is great for lunch and the tratatoria is wonderful for dinner.

            Mark and Monica's - spotty - sometimes good - sometimes not.

            Cafe Bernardo's - Used to be great but has been out of business for a while. It is now a mexican place called Mas. Not great.

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            1. re: Granitian

              Granitos without Lester? It has been over a year since I have been.....

              Also in Granite Bay at Auburn Folsom and Douglas is Suzy's. Breakfast and lunch only. Typical breakfast, BIG omelets etc. Pretty good, not Denny's, but not Brookfields either...Something I don't get about this type of restaurant...why don't they have premium coffee? That old style coffeee is just horrible now that we all drink the good stuff, but whenever I go to a coffee shop, the coffee sucks?

              Also in that area is Akebono Japanese, Cabo's mexican & Habanero mexican. Towards Auburn on Aub/Folsom there is place that is in a house I saw that they are now having dinners? I have been to none of those and would love a review.

              1. re: bennyboy1

                bad coffee? profit margin is better. how else could you get unlimited refills?

                I know I'd pay to get a good cup, but then there's employee training to ensure quality control, etc. Easier and more profitable to use cheaper coffee and/or skimp on the amount of grounds used. (a place I worked used pods and called it espresso)

                1. re: toodie jane

                  But obviously America is ready to pay for coffee through the nose...They could have premium and regular. I know this...a couple of places I used to go to I do not due to the bad coffeee they serve.

                  But even the Gold Miner does not offer it and the Starbucks across the street is packed at all hours..

                2. re: bennyboy1

                  Bennyboy, I tried Granitos last Sat. night. There was a sign in the window announcing a change of ownership of the liquor license. Looking in, I could see Lester was not there nor were any customers. Since Lester retired (as reported by his wife), I have had one horrible and one lackluster dinner. The lackluster cook seemed to be there Sat. This is really sad as Lester was a truly gifted chef. I retreated to Bidwell Street Bistro for an outstanding dinner and bottle of wine.

                  1. re: BN1

                    Too bad. I know that Lester had some "problems" and it led to sometimes "interesting" experiences there... I would always make sure he was cooking when I went there. He was awesome. Gotta wonder what is going to happen there now........

                  2. re: bennyboy1

                    I heard a rumor a while back (6 months or so ago) that the owner of Granitos had died. I'm not sure if this was Lester or not.....

                    1. re: Granitian

                      We tried Granitos last night. Decided it was worth a try with the new owners. Yes, Lester died a while back, and we heard the new owners wanted to keep the old Granitos tradition going. Unfortunately, it was awful. My husband couldn't eat his veal it was so bad and my Chicken Picatta was mediocre at best. We were really hoping for the best!

                      1. re: saqlaw

                        Wow sorry..... Wonder why they are not on top of things there? Seems to me that type of place would be a good place for a chef to work and be creative......I always thought I could cook there actually.....

                    2. re: Granitian

                      Yeah, too bad about Cafe Bernardo's. My sister and BIL knew the owners and they took on the partner and then wanted out.

                      A fews days before Xmas my sister and I had lunch at a new fast casual place, in a fairly new development (no I can't remember the name) on Eureka that serves an all organic menu. I had a R.B. sandwich and she a turkey wrap, both were better than expected. We both would go back

                      1. re: DiningDiva

                        That place on Eureka is called Utopia Grill. Their salads are good!

                    3. I haven't been yet but I did run into the sous chef for Hawks at Otow Orchards (link below) on Eureka in Granite Bay. He was buying chocolate persimmons which they use for a sauce on their duck entree. This orchard is a tiny off-the-beaten-path place that specializes in Persimmons. The fact Hawks buys produce there really illustrates the emphasis they put on local fresh ingredients, which translates into tasty food. Going to try it next weekend. We need more places like this around here, IMO.


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                        just had to add my two cents.........if ya love persimmons, ya gotta love Otow's!!

                      2. I forgot to mention Tsing Tao. Don't let the atmosphere fool you...this is one of the best chinese meals I have EVER had! Inexpensive, lots of food and really, really good. It is next to ACE Hardware in the same shopping center as Mark and Monicas and Akebono

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                        1. re: Granitian

                          Right on! I have been looking for a decent chinese place lately that is semi close to the house, now that Jennies has closed, I have been striking out A LOT lately....